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Why the primary elections are so important this year!!

Question: Why are the May 4th primaries so important?

Answer: Because you can’t elect a candidate who isn’t running…

In Washington, the DC insiders are currently in control. No amount of letter writing or phone calling your representative matters right now because “we the people” are
not being represented. Our
representatives and senators, of both parties, have been bought and paid for by
unconstitutional big money and special interest groups.

Special interest groups and big money corporations fund the campaigns of incumbents from both parties to get “special consideration” when the lobbyists come to call. In other words, our tax dollars are being used to
fund a cycle of corruption and a system that ignores the will of the people.

The only solution is to clean house and to elect candidates who understand this problem and who will use the US Constitution to limit the reach of government. Lobbyists cannot influence someone who gets their campaign funds
from individuals and who believes in limiting the federal government’s roll.
These type candidates will actively seek to modify the federal budgeting
process and the tax system to break the cycle of special interest and big money

We cannot elect such candidates if they are not on the ballot. More people need to get involved now in the vetting, endorsement process, and campaigning for Independence
Caucus (IC) candidates. We must do the
hard work to ensure that an IC candidate is on the ticket for each district in
November. The Primary elections are
coming fast and we need to get ready now as if November is here in May 4th
(when primary elections are held).

The candidates who are willing to answer IC’s written vetting questions are always more likely to follow through on what they say they will do…because it’s in writing and we know what a person’s word means in
politics! Of course, there are no guarantees but this increases the likelihood
of them following through.

Take a look at what Jason Chaffetz (R), our first national success story from 2008, is saying and doing…he’s following through and doing what he promised. We need more like him—but it will only happen if people get
involved during the primary process.All of our candidates are either supportive of the Fair Tax or are willing to be educated on it. Several of our vetting questions are about The Fair Tax.

You can view our videos here on my page.

To join us and learn more go to:

http://icaucus.ning.com and http://www.OurCaucus.com

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