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At 6:55pm on June 25, 2009, Sean Fagan said…
Dr. Robert - I will be there, thank you.

I plan to arrive about 1:30pm should you need any assistance with last minute set-up, unless you advise me to arrive earlier. Looking forward to working with you and the rest of the Flagler county Fair Tax volunteers.
At 7:54pm on June 20, 2009, Sean Fagan said…

Why not just email me here at FTN? But if it works better for you, email me at in_tir_na_nog@hotmail.com

At 6:50pm on March 7, 2009, Liz Lowry said…
Hi Robert - It was great to hear from another Lowry! My geneology takes me to County Down Ireland (Cork). Robert Miller and Anna Hugh Lowry came to the US in the early to mid 1860s with 8 sons. all of whom settled in the midwest. My grandfather was one of those 8 with most of his descendants residing in mid Missouri. Don't know if that is enough to determine a connection, but it might be possible. Our mid MO fairtax group is small - but that will not defeat our drive or purpose. My Lowry ascendents were all politically inclined - and my conviction to Fair Tax is in some part a way of keeping the tradition alive.....Thanks for your note! Liz Lowry
At 10:33pm on February 27, 2009, Fla Vol said…
Your photo worked out great.
I joined the Fl. Fair Tax.
At 6:30pm on February 16, 2009, chiefcook said…
FTN Postcard-FL.doc Check it out.
At 12:15pm on February 16, 2009, Pam Hill said…
www resistnet.com
The Patriotic Resistance
At 5:42pm on February 4, 2009, Ken Neikirk said…
I invited Mary earlier and she has joined. Hopefully we will see others join also.
At 12:27pm on February 4, 2009, Ken Neikirk said…
Thanks Robert. I actually have gone to a SJC meeting and helped out at a few events in the area.
At 2:14am on January 28, 2009, Mike McLean said…

Thanks for the feedback. I think this Radio show will be a good vehicle to keep Atlanta area informed.

At 12:11pm on January 22, 2009, Jim Tomasik said…
The link to Rep Boehner is in the call to action on the front page on top.

Working on the other problem now.
At 7:36am on January 17, 2009, Brenda Janssen said…
When you said "Even though we tried we were never able to interest most of our local volunteers in becoming members of CFFTG" are you talking about the meetup group (ie, flager people didn't want to join the Central Fl meetup?) Or did you have a meetup group dedicated Flagler specifically? I'm sorry...I should know the answer to that! But I've been a little ditzy the last few months working on some professional licensing.
At 2:25pm on January 16, 2009, Brenda Janssen said…
We do have a FLORIDA group, but you guys in Flagler would have little interest in what we are doing on a local level in CFL, but we are all still linked by the FTN site as an umbrella. I love this platform. If you prefer not to have a local Flagler group that's fine. But I have 130+ people here in CFL that I'm trying to pull over and I believe the way to do it is to keep a cohesive local group. There will be some inevitable duplication but that's ok too. The main thing is to do what works to bring as many people under the umbrella as possible, as quickly as possible!!
At 10:24pm on January 12, 2009, chiefcook said…

John Mica is now a Co-Sponsor.
At 5:43pm on January 12, 2009, chiefcook said…
You need to register with the Florida Fair Tax group page on this site. Click on the groups tab and scroll down to Fl. It is on page 2. You might recognize someone in the picture. Contact all those in your area to sign up also.
At 5:36am on January 10, 2009, Jim Tomasik said…
Hello Robert,

Welcome to the site. We are working hard to make 2009 a great year for FairTax all acorss the country. Please spread the word around to every FairTax supporter you know. Invite them to join as well.

Thanks for Joining FairTax Nation!

At 4:39pm on January 9, 2009, Marilyn Rickert said…
Welcome to the FairTax Nation!

This site was designed and managed by FairTax volunteers to serve the needs of FairTax advocates by providing a place to share ideas, find resources and create new opportunities with the goal of passing the FairTax HR 25.

I can't wait for your next FairTax broadcast!

Thank you for your support of the FairTax movement!
Marilyn Rickert
At 9:48am on January 9, 2009, chiefcook said…
As a CC for AFFT you should register with the FAIRTAX LEADERSHIP group on this site. You should also register with the FLORIDA FAIR TAX
group in the group section on this site.

The MAIN page has the group section in the middle column. Look for the pictures of the parade of FairTax signs and click on " view all" on the bottom. Then scroll through to find each group.
At 8:37am on January 9, 2009, chiefcook said…
John Mica is not a CO-Sponsor of the Fair Tax (111 Congress) You need to send him a wakeup message.
At 6:53am on January 9, 2009, Dave Sibole said…
Welcome Robert to the network. Glad you joined. Please familiarize yourself with the site and get involved. We want to see great things happen for the Fair Tax in 2009. Thanks for sharing what you are doing in the Florida. It is exciting when we see what is going on elsewhere. For too long we thought we were working this thing alone. These network sites are doing wonders for bringing us together.

At 3:01am on January 9, 2009, Robert Lowry said…
The Flagler FairTax group will be doing a radio presentation of the FairTax on the new ABC affiliate WNZF Tuesday, January 20, 2009, at 9:00 - 10:00 AM. It may be heard on 1550AM, 106.3FM or the streaming broadcast at WNZF.com. If available please listen and comment.

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