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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

FairTaxers everywhere need to visit https://www.popvox.com/, sign in, and search HR 3903 and S 2059, which are the 2 bills that are the "Buffett Rule." Needless to say, we all OPPOSE the Buffett Rule, and we should all add comments to that effect and mention FairTax (HR25 and S13) as the alternative.

Remember that, in your comments, you are writing a letter to your congresscritters that they will receive and respond to - even if it is a form letter.

There are many ignorant comments in favor of the Buffett Rule, and we need to counter those with intelligent responses that will get the attention of Congress.

Here are the direct links:



The Buffett Rule is a very popular bill with those who feel that the big earners in this country don't pay enough of the tax revenue. It is also very popular with those too ignorant to realize that taking money by force from one person and giving it to another is unconstitutional.

Let's get busy!

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Here is my response (S2059 will be the same, but with the names changed to protect the innocent):

I oppose H.R. 3903: Paying a Fair Share Act of 2012 because it is absolutely RIDICULOUS to think that people like Buffet don't already pay their "fair share".

The only (active) Bill in Congress that will fully ensure that EVERY person in the US (including Illegal Immigrants, Tourists, and the underground economy) pays their "fair share", is HR-25; the FairTax Act.

One thing to ALWAYS remember is that NO INCOME TAX WILL EVER BE FAIR, because Income Taxes completely ignore the groups I mentioned above, and they are regressive; which hurts our poor, lower, and working class Americans.

Mr. Farenthold, I know you know this, but I hope that you will pass on my sentiments to your constituents. Thank you, sir, for your service.

Best Regards,

-Robert Williams
FairTax Advocate, TX-27
Corpus Christi, TX


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