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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I was at the AFP Defending the American Dream Summit working the Fairtax boot We met alot of  Fairtax Supporters and also informed alot more people about the Fairtax with good response. We handed out alot of information and had a Fairtax support (Josie from Va) going around to all the booth and people in the hallways handing out FairTax flyers.

Marilyn was in the AFP tax seminar and the Fairtax was not represented. A Fairtax Supporter (not Marilyn) ask why the Fairtax was not represented. The AFP response was they do not have position on the Fairtax. Then mulitple  Fairtax supporter started asking question why and when will the Fairtax will be represented to the point the moderator lost control. He did ask at one point ask the crowd  who supported the FairTax vs the Flat Tax. Reports form Marilyn that 60% of the crowd was for the FairTax and 40% for the Flat Tax. The moderator stated that it was about even. We need to educate the local AFP groups and get more Faritax representation. Lets hope they got the message from this crowd.


Also on another note, The Fairtax game was introduced at the summit and had some great interst.

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Pictures from the summit


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