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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I just read this off of Yahoo. Please spread it around, if You don't mind.

It seems like a Thirteen Trillion Dollar investment in America might make a real difference.


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Great post! Thank you for the update opn this important issue. I'll be linking to it from my website, www.billybarepockets.com.
Thank You, Rodney.

I like Your site and hope to get to know You better as we continue this Re-Awakening of America!

And that's just what happens when govt. keeps taking all the milk from the cash cow and not allowing the poor cow to get out & feed itself in the field.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the Fair Tax, nor does it require an attorney.
Thank You for the encouragement, Nancy!

The Fair Tax is quite simple, yet it is not the real issue. It is only a battle, not a War.

We are at War with the Left and Your response jump-started me to put up "The Art of War" Discussion.
We are not "at war" with the Left. We are at war with all Politicians that do not want to listen to the American people.
Yes, I really appreciate what You are saying. Your motives and ideals are wonderful.
The problem is that the Far Left IS AT WAR WITH US, even if we do not know it.

They have a "Counter-Revolution" going on and wish to destroy Capitalism and the United States of America.
Do You remember the history of WWII? Without going into Czechoslovakia and the Sudetenland as starters, on Aug 25, 1939 - Britain and Poland sign a Mutual Assistance Treaty.
Sept 1, 1939 - Nazis invade Poland.
Poland was not at war with the Nazis, but they sure got their butts kicked, didn't they?

While your enthusiasm for the FairTax is greatly appreciated and supported, you need to remember that the FairTax is a non-partisan issue and FairTax Nation is not at "war" with anyone except maybe with the IRS.

We try very hard to maintain a non-partisan stance here and your comments are counter-productive to that end.

You are asked to "tone down" your comments about the "left" - the FairTax needs their support as well - especially since there are so many Republicans that do not openly support the FairTax measure.

Thank you - but understand that you are being warned
Sean, I really appreciate your desire to keep this site free of partisan politics. I especially respect your desire not to offend potential Fairtax supporters.

In this light, can you tell us how many politicians on the left have shown support for our cause? When I look at the FARITAX.ORG website, it appears that there are clear lines drawn of our supporters in positions of power.

I am no political strategist by any means, but is it possible that if we were to use this site to strengthen and support the conservative base of supporters for Fairtax, we would better positioned when the conservatives are back in power? Or should we use the shotgun approach and merely be a cause that will accept whomever is willing to help, and never gather the strong voice we need?

Please don't take this as anything but a question by a fellow Fairtax supporter.
Rodney, There are plenty of conservative sites from which to support the FairTax. This site is non-partisan with the goal of passing the most important piece of legislation since the Constitution of the United States. It has one goal and one goal only. I personally believe in the concept here on this site. And believe you me it will not and should not be changed. By the way I like what you are doing on your website. And do a little research and you will find someone [lets say close to the top] of this organization is a democrat and if I lived in Tennesse I would vote for[whoops]. The FairTax is an American issue and this site is dedicated to that cause.
Thanks Dennis. FYI, I'm a Democrat too, but have always voted for the person and not the party. When I said conservative in my earlier post, believe me I know there are conservative Democrats since I am one. We just need to help others understand that we have to put partisan politics aside, and do exactly what you and I agree is the most important legislation in history, the Fairtax initiative.

My question was simply how many Fairtax supporters currently serving in places of power are like me, conservative in nature.

Thank you so much for your reply.

Thank you for your comments and questions. I will try my best to answer your questions.

If "politicians on the left" means Democratic party members of Congress, then their support is scant at best. According to the FairTax.org site (witch lists two fewer cosponsors then we count), there are only two - one is a cosponsor. If we count the votes - there are 74 members of the HR that support the FairTax and 73 who are opposed (8 of these are "conservatives"). That means there are 147 members of the HR accounted for with another 288 standing on the side-lines (many of them "conservative"). Keep in mind that it takes a two-thirds majority to pass a constitutional amendment. Even with the current sentiment of the people swinging back towards the right (or at least the middle) I don't foresee any time in the near future where conservatives would have those kind of numbers in the House and Senate - ergo, we need bipartisan support in order to get the FairTax passed.

Taking that in light, I don't know of any politician (conservative or otherwise) that will support the FairTax until it hurts them not to do so. It will take many FairTax supporters in Democratic districts to make the "left" feel the pain and ultimately change their minds about supporting the FairTax. Of course, the current leadership in Congress is suppressing support for the FairTax amongst the more conservative Democrats.

My conclusion is that we will not necessarily be better positioned after the elections next year, even if conservatives regain control of the House and Senate - they will not do so in sufficient numbers. We will need bipartisan support in order to pass the FairTax and we'll never get that by declaring that we are "at war with the left" (I wonder whatever happened to the days when we just had friendly disagreements?). As such, the FairTax must remain an all American issue and FairTax Nation needs to remain a non-partisan site where all are welcome, regardless of their political persuasion. That is, after all, the reason why we are here.

Sean Fagan - a "Reaganite FairTax Dog"
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question Sean. I really appreciate everythig you are doing. I will do my best to help as well.


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