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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

AR, FL, GA, IN, MO, NC, OH, TN, WA, WI (So Far)...Does YOUR State have FairTax endorsing Candidates? Please share & I'll update the list!

     Primaries are in the forefront and below is a list to help you stay informed as to whom is endorsing the FairTax.  NOTE...FairTaxNation is not endorsing them, just letting you know there are FairTax Supporters who are running for Congress. Goooo FairTax!  The FairTax is about America NOT a party!

     Below you may find a district: # / # because a link has been provided to charts, this number is to show you how many are for the FairTax / how many are running in that district.




US Senate

Randy Alexander http://alexanderforsenate.org/site/the-issues/reform-of-tax-code/



Dist. 3 Mr. Dean Black - http://deanblack2010.com/w/
Dist. 24 Karen Diebel www.diebelforcongress.com


Dist. 13 Michael Frisbee http://www.Frisbee2010.com



Senate Race
Don Bates Jr http://www.donbatesjr.com/
Richard Behney http://www.richardbehney.com/
Marlin Stutzman http://www.gomarlin.com/
Update for Indiana.
All 9 Districts were won by FairTax supporting candidates who have committed to becoming a co-sponsor if elected here in Indiana. The only race that we lost was the Senate Race and we are still working on him.
District 1:  Mark Leyva http://www.markleyva.com/
District 2:  Jackie Walorski http://www.standwithjackie.com/
District 3  :Congressman Mark Souder-Current Co-sponsor http://www.souderforcongress.com/
District 4:  Todd Rokita http://www.toddrokitaforcongress.com/
District 5:  Congressman Dan Burton--Current Co-sponsor http://indianadan.com/
Mike Murphy - http://www.mikemurphycongress.com/
District 6:  Congressman Mike Pence- Current Co-sponsor http://www.mikepence.com/
District 7:  Dr. Marvin Scott http://www.marvinscott.org/
District 8:  Larry Bucshon http://www.bucshonforcongress.com/
District 9:  Todd Young http://toddyoungforcongress.com/----he is already being attacked by Baron Hill who had successfully attacked former Co-sponsor Mike Sodrel in the past and defeated him for his support of the FairTax. We will need some help in this race in defending the FairTax.



District 5:  Jerry Fowler



District 6: Anna Little - www.annalittleforcongress.com
District 9: Michael Agosta - www.agostaforcongress.com


2010 NC Statewide_Candidate_Scorecard_M2.pdf,

District 1:  0/3

District 2:  3/4

District 3:  1/3

District 4:  3/4

District 5:  0/3

District 6:  2/4

District 7:  1/3

District 8:  5/9

District 9:  2/10

District 10:  2/6

District 11:  5/8

District 12:  3/5

District 13:  3/5

US Senate: 3/10



informational page   has the candidates names, their stand & a link to their website. 

District 1: 1/2

District 2: 5/6

District 3: 1/1

District 4: 1/3

District 5: 7/9



District 1:  Dr Phil Roe [cosonsoir this session]

District 2:  John Duncan [cosponsor this session]

District 3:  Van Irion http://www.fairtaxnation.com/profile/VanRIrion?xg_source=profiles_m...
District 8:  Donn Janes  http://donnjanesforcongress.org/



District 1:  Matthew Burke http://www.matthewburkeforcongress.com/issues.html

District 3:  David Castillo http://www.castilloforcongress.com/Budget_and_Spending/

District 6:  Jesse Young http://www.jesseyoungforcongress.com/

US Senate:  Paul Akers http://www.akersforussenate.com/issues.asp



District 2:  Tim Nerenz 2nd district (L) http://timnerenz.com/
Dist. 3:  Mike Krsiean (I) http://www.krsieanforcongress.com/
Dist. 4:  Dan Sebring (R) http://www.dansebringforcongress.com/
Dist. 7:  Dan Mielke (R) http://www.danielmielke.com/
Dist. 8:  Andy Williams (R) http://www.williamsforcongress.us/

US Senate:  Rob Taylor (C) http://www.robtaylorforsenate.com/

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So far 9 of 50 states have been listed sharing candidate's stand on the FairTax. I know there are more out there....where are you? Wooo hoooooo Looking forward to seeing who wins in the primaries! In the meantime we can ALL participate by asking all candidates if they are for the FairTax! or "Which department the candidate would choose to eliminate first. (IRS)!!!
I hope you find this as encouraging as I do!! YES WE CAN!!!!
We need a single page "Candidate Declaration" so the can agree or disagree with a number of positions on tax reform. (replace the income tax code; make Bush tax cuts permanent; eliminate AMT; no taxes on capital gains; privatize Social Security; etc) This would also list the Fair Tax and Flat Tax. The lower part of the form (separate section) would be a place for the candidate to pledge to Co-Sponsor the Fair Tax if elected.

Does anyone already have such a document being used in their area? Should we have a single form to be used country wide?
Personally if I was to take time to contact reps I'll contact them on the FairTax alone and not mention any other types.

It beats all other forms of tax reform out there so why waste time? ;)

...but in the larger scale of things...I think it would be a good thing for every voter to find out about.
Sorry Walt, but I'm afraid that I must say that I don't understand your position on this. It appears to me, by your statement, that you have "softened" your view on passage of the FairTax.

Forms? We don't need any "stinking" forms! Here at FairTax Nation, in my own humble opinion, we're not looking to take a "poll" on tax reform - we quite simply insist on passage of the FairTax. Of course, maybe I just don't understand your meaning.
It is called "entrapment". You ask a number of questions that all sound good, but will reveal they are just asking what everyone wants to hear. They are for everything. We will know they are speaking with forked tong.

Then we ask them to sign to Co-Sponsor in writing.
I see - point taken
Tennessee District 1, Dr Phil Roe, cosponsor of the FairTax this session, will be running again.
Andy Williams is a candidate for the 8th congressional district in Wisconsin. I have talked with him personally. He told me he would co-sponsor HR25 when elected.
Okay Steve hold him accoutable! Lets put the FairTax on the FOREFRONT of the 2010 Election!! Make is so to NOT be FOR this legislation the votes won't be there!!!
(Here are three more I endorse personally)

Van Irion TN-03 is already a member of FairTax Nation.


John Duncan TN-02 and Phil Roe TN-01 are incumbant cosponsors who should have no problem winning in November.
wooo hooo....look at this list grow!!!
Check your spelling on Phil Roe. "cosponsor" not "cosposnsosdsfkgjd"

You should be able to trim down Indiana's list now. I think Marilyn said that they just had their primary and ALL of the primary winners on the R side have promised to cosponsor the FairTax if elected.


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