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Try to take this Survey Monkey Questionaire... and thank you for thinking outside of the box with me... on this RAFFLE ticket idea...

Simply purchase a booklet of 20 numbered raffle tickets (unless AFFT wishes to purchase all
5,0000 to 20,000 for future Raffles)...(you must want to help enroll others who make less than
$35,000 yearly... and will to find out how much more spending earnings they will have if there
was NO INCOME TAXATION.... yes if we as a membership group designing to DOUBLE IN
size in 3 months with this RAFFLE.. and future RAFFLES... could easily vote in members who
want to help all income levels with a better tax system... and TOGETHER... we could easily
just a few dollars for a numbered booklet of 20... out of a total number of 5000... raffle tickets
for a SET DATE OF NOVEMBER 1ST, 2010....

Please comment...and order your Operation FairTax Tee Shirt... at AFFT...now...!!!

Read my comments at Da Blue Hearts... at FairTax Nation... right here at this site...

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Raffles are strictly regulated by law so you will need to consult an attorney in your state.
I guess it make sense... because of the opportunity to scam others does exist... I got thinking this way
when I played a raffle in South Florida for $20 at Hardrock Hotel and Casino... this was a private raffle
for Card Playing members only... and an ID and player's card was required... It seems that if they
can invite like minded people together for a chance... then we could as a group should be able to Raffle
to one of our members in AFFT a prize just for being a new member... and making less than $35,000
would help attract a very large number in my neighborhood... and the test would be... whether there exists
enough young people who would like to join an educational non-profit to learn about how we can legally
dismantle the IRS... AND just for using the calculator... have an option to purchase a Tee Shirt and enter
a FREE Raffle... to qualify for a national grand prize... IF they contact a Representative with a Raffle Booklet
in or nearest their District... and if they get this information... they would automatically qualify for one of
the twenty chances to win a very big cash prize... details to follow and the drawing would have to be Nov 1. 2010 for legal purposes.. (of course more details would have to be laid out for approval in every state that
we want to attract 5,000 new members... Thanks for letting me get this off my chest... Because I have too
much thought about this... and it sounds so right to me...


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