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i believe there is legislation sponsored by Cong. Lindner

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Dear Karl,
Thank you for all you do.  I am curious if you know if the "Flat Tax" is a piece of legislation or just an idea.
I'm also wondering why in the world the FairTax isn't a major topic on FOX as it would turn our country around more than any other piece of legislation.
Goooo FairTax,
Jamie Wheeler (Jamie4FairTax on Twitter)

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Hi Pati!

I've been using that 3 cent thing for a while now, only because I think it is time.

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed meeting and talking with you at the conference. I especially enjoyed our little "smoke" breaks outside of the hotel's main entrance. Anyone and everyone else may find reason to "condemn" our bad habit - but it seems to me that we smokers have a way of exchanging information at a phenomenal rate! And I think we managed to do exactly that!!
Not to mention that the children of this country are reliant upon our funding the SCHIPP medical coverage ENTIRELY. It's a thankless job, but hey, somebody has to take care of these children...LOL

I really enjoyed it too, Sean. Well, except for the wind. I could have done without the wind. : )

We also need to push on the Fox business network and start with Stuart Verney. He seems to be more opened minded and may grasp the FairTax and run with it.
That's a good idea too! I had not thought about them. Do you think Cavuto would do it?

Dear Karl,

Oh dear. The legislation sponsored by Cong. John Linder is HR-25, the FairTax. It is NOT the same as a flat tax. The key distinction is that the FairTax is a national CONSUMPTION tax (or
sales tax) on new goods and services at the retail level. The flat tax, promoted by Dick Armey and others, is an INCOME tax, and it would not eliminate the IRS. Today's income tax began as a flat tax, and look where we are today - 67,000+ pages of tax codes and regulations.

Please visit www.FairTax.org to learn more about the FairTax.

A political answer without actually answering the question

A prime candidate to educate on a) how to read e-mails, b) how to understand them and c) to educate on the FairTax.

But as I've said before...I'm not relying on any GOP old boys for this....conservatives and new comers only in my opinion!!


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