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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25 and S 18

Since I can't support our cause financially (SS doesn't allow for it), I can write letters to editors in my area.  Perhaps others with limited means like me could do more than they realize doing the same  Here is my most recent "Letter To The Editor" as an example:


(Bob Martin of Americans for Fair Taxation, recently published the following piece about The FairTax on his blog at FairTaxNation.org.)

We are often asked in our fight to gain support for the FairTax Act of 2009, “If it is such a great way to reform our current, arcane tax system, why hasn’t Congress enacted it?” The true essence of the culture of Washington D.C. and more specifically the United States Congress, was summed up recently in a sobering statement by a FairTax supporter. This is basically what he had to say and I suspect what most of us already believe to be the case;

”Opposition to the FairTax is bi-partisan in Washington . It's human, not ideological. The ability to grant favors to paid lobbyists representing individuals and corporations, other Members of Congress seeking breaks for favored constituents and contributors themselves, has led to a level of corruption that would make the Mob blush. It's a heady business holding so much power over the system that handles so much of our money. Congress’ power over the tax code is significantly diminished by the FairTax. Are they really going to voluntarily give up that kind of power?”

The business of seeking favors and your tax dollars, is big business in Washington. More than a billion dollars a year is spent lobbying for breaks in the tax code. Tax lobbyists are the most successful and powerful lobbyists in Washington and their numbers have doubled in the last 8 years. Why do you think their ranks are constantly replenished by ex-Members of Congress, their family members and staffers from their tax writing committees. Retired or defeated members of Congress and staffers with 8-10 years experience can command a six or even seven figure deal when they join a " K Street " tax lobbying firm. I do not see anyone in Congress asking to limit their executive compensation. Politicians and DC pundits dine with them while Washington society celebrates their power and wealth.

With power and profit motives so pronounced, officials and staffers are acting in self-interest against the FairTax Act. It is the one bill that could end much of this corruption. Even scholars who have built careers around understanding the tax code and tax reform groups whose membership and funding are based upon railing against the income tax system, similarly don't want their "rice bowls" broken. They are, quite simply, putting personal and financial gain ahead of national interests.

Few of us would agree that the lucrative industry that has grown up around the tax code justifies the damage to our economy caused by the income tax system. It is an extremely attractive system for both Republicans and Democrats in Washington and a really bad deal for the rest of us. Power over the tax system and the profits derived from those close to the inner workings of the Congressional Committees are sad examples of the warped bi-partisan cooperation in Washington and the distance between what is good for these few and what is good for the nation.

So this is why the "merits" of the FairTax fall on deaf ears in Washington-power, money and influence. We have to force change by recruiting grass roots numbers large enough to threaten the more important self-interest of elected officials--their re-elections. It is high time we ripped away the false facade of "public service", supposed scholarly independence and tax reform hypocrisy that disguises those protecting the income tax system while attacking the FairTax. It is time to stand up and let them know that we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore! Join us in telling your elected officials it is time to represent our voice and not the lobbyists in Washington. Tell them it is time for tax reform. Tell them it is time for the FairTax

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