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Email to Geraldo Rivera and His Fox News Friends About the FairTax

Email to Geraldo Rivera and His Fox News Friends About the FairTax:

Please Don't Misrepresent the FairTax!

To: Glenn Beck, Bill Hemmer, Bill O'Reilly, David Asman, Geraldo Rivera, Greta Van Susteren, John Gibson, Martha MacCallum, Trace Gallagher, Megyn Kelly, Mike Huckabee, Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity, Shepard Smith, Steve Forbes, Laurence J. Kotlikoff


I really enjoyed your show last night, but was crestfallen to hear you misrepresent the FairTax.

Can you talk to Gov. Mike Huckabee or Laurence J. Kotlikoff and get a better understanding of it? This is very important with all the Tea Parties coming up.

Not only are Americans upset with high taxes and excessive government spending, but we don't like the invasiveness to our privacy that the income tax provides.

Here's Larry Kotlikoff's website, http://people.bu.edu/kotlikoff/

Email: kotlikoff@bu.edu

What it looks like many people don't understand is that we are ALREADY PAYING 25 to 30% of every dollar that we spend at the store to corporations to pay their tax accountants. (embedded taxes)

Under the FairTax, there are no business between business taxes, so the FairTax stops the 15 or 20 taxes along every step of the manufacturing and shipping processes. Under the FairTax, new goods or services are only taxed once -- at the point of sale.

So, really, now we're paying 25% to 35% taxes under the income tax, our employer's pay an additional 8% for FICA and we also pay another 25% when we shop plus another 5 to 10% state sales taxes. So really, we're paying 50 to 70% taxes now -- triple taxation!

Can you understand now why getting rid of the IRS and tax audits and saving receipts in shoe boxes and getting 100% of our paychecks back is much better than a 25% tax at the cash register?

Please Mr. Kotlikoff, help us out here! We'd love to see you go on FoxNews and talk to Neal Cavuto and Glenn Beck and Mike Huckabee and Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera and Bill O'Reilly and Bill Hemmer and Steve Forbes and help them understand the real principles and practices of the FairTax! Once the friendly media gets it, the Tea Parties and the FairTax will start to gain traction!

Thanks so much!

Deborah Mulholand in Dayton, Ohio

cc: To My Dayton, Ohio, FairTax Friends

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I didn't see the show can you tell us what was said that was misrepresented and then we can flood him with email (kind ones of course.)
Geraldo talked quickly about the Fair Tax being an added 25% tax on top of retail goods. Liz Clayman or someone else was on with him and she chimed in and repeated the same thing. She said that people would be shocked at the extra tax when they shopped.

We need to write the gals and guys at Fox Business also. Not everyone gets Fox Business Channel because it's separate from Fox News, but occasionally their commentators will come on Cavuto or Geraldo's show.

What they don't all understand yet is the part about the embedded taxes, and how the Fair Tax would simply replace the embedded taxes, and how most goods and services would stay the same price or be lower because interest rates would be lower.
I did not see that part!
It was when Geraldo was talking about the upcoming Tea Parties. Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and everyone on Fox News will be talking about them as they seem to all be really excited about the Tea Parties.

If we can all email them, explaining what the Fair Tax really is before April 15, maybe they'll present it in a better light. I'd love to see Larry Kotlikoff go on Gov. Huckabee or Neal Cavuto's show. Gov. Huckabee would give him 5 to 15 minutes to talk -- that would be even better.
I emailed Geraldo and ask him to quit misrepresenting the Fair Tax and ask if he could arrange a debate at a major university on The Fair Tax vs The Flat Tax.
It would be best if a video/audio clip could be posted otherwise those who didn't see the segment won't know exactly what was said.
I can't find the actual video, but Geraldo said something like, "That's too bad." after Liz Claman said that people would have "sticker shock" when the Fair Tax was added in.
I don't know who Liz Claman is but I bet she is a flat taxer.
I appreciate your input but in order to respond accurately and intelligently I would need to know the conversation verbatim.
I had started out with some comments and when I got nearly finished, the power burped and I am having to start over.

I wanted to let you know that I have written two emails to Glenn Beck thinking he would be a person that would certainly understand the Fair Tax Plan. However I got in on the tail end of a visit from Chuck Norris and I believe that he, Glenn, was making fun of the Fair Tax Plan and Chuck Norris. Of course I did not get an answer to either email and I still don't understand Glenn's, Project 9/12 is so much more important than getting the word our about Fair Tax. Of course ending IRS and especially the Fed Reserve, all of which is apparently a legal entity created for stealing our money for Y E A R S. A long indepth book entitled "The Creature of Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin, explains the lies and deception that our government took part in to steal our money and give it to a few rich bankers in Europe who are still taking our money. The Feds have to go as well as IRS. In my opinion, of course. I hope to live long enough to see it happen.

Well, I digress. I don't think the emails actually are read by the party for which we send, I think they are sifted first and not necessarily by a person(s) who would value the message.

I thought Joe the Plumber video was good. Why couldn't we get Joe as a guest to Cavuto, and Hannity, who I believe are sympathic but may not be able to talk about it themselves but could interview such a person as Joe.

Huckabee, on his show at Fox News, had a discussion with a Fair Tax and a Flat Tax person, forgive me I can't remember names. I think Neil Boortz was one of them.

I will end with this. I don't have much money and I already give monthly to Fair Tax.org. I have written a Letter to the Editor of my local newspaper and had it published. Unfortunately I didn't have anyone comment on the letter so I couldn't pick upon that. Perhaps it is time now for another letter.

I see Findlay OH is not on any charts or maps for a Tea Party or Fair Tax. Seems Dayton is the furthest North that I have found. I did see a Tea Party in Toledo and Lima but not Fair Tax

Thanks for giving me a place to ask questions and make my comments. I promise not to be lengthy again.
I think Glen is coming around finally. It is better to have him on our side than working against us. He has a great platform to spark interst in FairTax. People will want to find out more. Unfortunately, some will just follow him blindly. Its better to have those people following blindly on the right path, at least.

We have come a LONG way with people on Fox. ITs just a matter of time when they will see the uprising and then Fox will follow us.

It is up to us to take FairTax to the tea parties.

You are welcome to comment as you like if you think it will promote FairTax getting out there. Thank you for caring enough to participate.

I searched the Fox news site and found the "Geraldo At Large" page and while there is mention of last night's show at the top of the page, there is no video - I'll keep looking. I don't know what email address everyone else is using but the email given on the at large page is: atlarge@foxnews.com

Meanwhile, I just heard on the Hannity show that Joe the Plumber will be with him at the Atlanta Tea Party - more news later.


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