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Does any one else have issues with facebook.

" Account Temporarily Unavailable.

Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes."

Last night I posted the same link as my blog on FAirtaxnation about "Why we must March on Washington" to several discussions on Facebook. Today I find face book down due to site issue? http://www.facebook.com/sorry.php?msg=account Just curious?

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I had this issue in the past. I wrote to the administrator and asked them why I my account was suspened. It took them awhile to get back to me but was told it was a mistake and they have so many accounts that it was a mistake. In the mean time I registared under another username.
Thank you for your reply. In this case it is possible the whole site is down? I cannot reach facebook even by way of a google link. Of course, my first thought is they have suspended all of Facebook until after this weekend due to so many political links ??!! Can it be?

Of course, that is just my unreasonable distrust of big Government speaking.
If the feds were involved, they would most likely take out U-TUBE first!
Obviously you are correct, but doesn't any one else also have a Face book account? Is it down also?
Ok, I have been given a reprieve. I am back on face book. No explanation. ds


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