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I can't find a Facebook group for Fairtax Nation. Are we starting one?

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Those are FairTax groups...not FairTax Nation. :) Should we have our own? Or direct people to the other groups?
Oh, I see what you mean. I am not sure if there is a FairTax Nation Facebook or not. If there is not and you want to start one then go right ahead...
Think I might go ahead and do that. Especially if the goal is to consolidate our online efforts....
I think the goal is to consolidate the online presence; it's already a scattered mess that isn't useful as a political tool. Regionally, it helps communication, but not between regions or for areas where a few supporters want ideas to use in their area.

The only exception I can see is a site targeted at college and high school aged students. We need them and they will benefit the most from FairTax. You look pretty young - talk to Jim about a feeder-site for the under 25 crowd that uses their lingo. It'd probably be offensive to most of the folks here! I just don't like words like pimp, whore, rape and the usual expletives being thrown around so much. However, their presence at a site geared for them would be an additional tool in our arsenal.

Perhaps the facebook sites listed cover this. I don't know. I only use face book to track my kids :)
Carol, FaceBook has already proven to help. It helps draw people to this site. I think Danny Higgins has had some pretty good results with this already. Ask him about it.

My wife has found facebook to be a very good lead capture for the fairtax and for your individual fairtax groups.
Its a great way to find supporters and then to narrow it down to volunteers and then even further narrowing down to finding leaders. the key is sending a personalized note to each and every person welcoming them to the group soon after they join. follow that up, soon thereafter with a personalized short questionaire about whether they are willing to volunteer, asking specifically what tasks they are willing to do. Very important to give them a list of activities to choose from. Keep a database on their responses. From, those that respond you will possibly find some leaders from that group. It is easy to get behind, so try to stay on top of it a few times a day. Hope this helps.
Facebook does draw the younger crowd.
As I've said to Jim I make it a daily routine to check the FT groups and make sure all the discussions are current and questions or statements answered/respondeded to.

Nothing worse than a group of 2,000+ on Facebook that is out of date and not active :)

Plus a FTNation web link posted always helps ;)


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