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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

     I am constantly amazed at the lack of exposure to or knowledge of The FairTax on the part of everyday folks I encounter as I come and go.  In the Doctor's offices, at the Hospital, barber shop, Church, Service Stations--almost everywhere I go, as I mention The FairTax I find an amazing number of folks out there who have no idea that such a taxing model exists!!!  And, the politicos who are running for public offices are for the most part also ignorant of the FairTax!  How can this be???!!  I think we need to create an advertising fund and carefully create a full page ad giving important specifics of HR 25/S13 and challenging reader/voters to to the Website and learn about them, then contact their reps in Congress DEMANDING they at least hold serious hearings on it!!  Any candidate who refuses to take a serious look at The FairTax is NOT a serious candidate worthy of my support IMHO. 

      A heads up to Marilyn or whoever runs this show:  George Noorie, Coast to Coast AM host and CEO is ripe for contact from someone representing The FairTax to appear on his show (Midnight to 5am on over 300 stations across the Nation).  Most of his listeners are at least minimally familiar with it, but many others listen, who need to know more and are asking him to do a whole show on it.  Also, we need to put pressure on Mike Huckabee, who believes in TFT, to do an entire show on it.  I think he would if enough demand can be generated.  Also, the guy who answers all the questions about TFT on YouTube, needs to be sponsored to do a national "Town Hall" type tour of America to sell it to those

who never heard of it, on a BUS like the candidates are using, all painted up with the FT themes.

In support of The Fair Tax, THE PLAN to save America's economy and restore prosperity!!

Arthur Bruce Robertson

Lake Saint Louis, MO

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You are absolutely right, Arthur! I couldn't agree with you more. The major issue that I see is the advertising campaign, or the lack thereof, that is being run. We should have ad spots on ALL the talk shows from coast-to-coast, we should have ads on every political channel that will accept money to run them, and we should be advertising in magazines like "The Rifleman" and those run by other non-profit organizations.

FairTax.org has done a great job up to this point of doing what needs to be done to get the bill in place and getting the information needed in place, but if they don't start acting soon, the grassroots support will slow to a crawl and eventually die. If they would just start advertising more, I'll bet they would gather more support very quickly.

Speaking of advertising, we here at FairTaxNation are trying to bolster support for the FairTax by selling T-Shirts and using the money to advertise on social websites like Facebook and LinkedIn. We would appreciate if you could buy a shirt or share the link with others you know who may buy something.


Thank you for your support!

- Robert Williams


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