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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I want to go a different direction with this discussion. I want to set up a website specifically to support FairTax Candidates. I want to have a clickable map that lists candidates running on the FairTax all across the country. We will be using the domain name fairtaxadvocate.net. I need some expeirenced web designers to help with this project. It is our intention to turn this into a PAC to help raise money for these candidates. There will be a form for people to nominate candidates in each district, and then all candidates will be listed regardless of party. Then, there will be a voting process where members will be able to vote for the candidate they think best represents the FairTax. There will be some money put into this project by me, and we will do fundraising as well. If you think you can help, please send me a msg.

Thank you.

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Regarding the email from Houston. They had a bunch grassroots leaders in Houston last including Jim Bennett from NJ.
I am hearinf there is supposed to be some annoucement made possibly next week on what the plans are.. stay tuned!
Hi Joshua,

This would be a terrific project... Can you tell me what type of technological help you may need? I may be able to get you some answers in this regard from my IT guy. Let me know...
Have you saved the domain name as of yet...?

Really All I need is a list of candidates. I want to use slatecard.com now that it is re-launched. The election is over, so the site won't really be useful until the primaries start for 2012.


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