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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

College Student and FairTax supporter Seth Riggio will be speaking to us about FairTax at the IRS building!

We have our permit taken care of now. ;o)

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Would you help me with something? Please start a new discussion with this. That way it will not get lost in the comments.
We need more flags. Can ya'll raise some funds down there to get some more of these FairTax flags?

Washington State has 15 coming to me. Kelley in Alabama has one in hand and I think GA has about 3 or sent to them. I would like to get at least 5 more.
We have another great young person speakinh at this event.
Great to hear that Jonathan Krohn will be there! I met him at CPAC, and had a convo with him about the FairTax. He lives in Linder's district, and is a definite supporter. I also have a signed copy of his book, and I reccomend it to anyone. I can't wait to see him again.
9/11 Metro stops are:

At the Pentagon: Pentagon Metro Stop (Easy enough, huh?)

At the IRS Bldg: Federal Triangle Stop.
Just to elaborate a little more...

Catch a Blue Line train at the Pentagon Metro stop heading into downtown, the train should be marked with the last stop which is Fargo Town Center - if you get on a train marked Springfield/Franconia you're heading in the wrong direction. There is no need to switch trains.

Get off at the Federal Triangle Stop - the IRS building is virtually next door to the station.
...and a little more...

The fare from the Pentagon to Federal Triangle should be $1.35 ($1.65 if you board before 9:30am but we should not finish before that time). Expect to pay $1.65 for the return trip if you ride between 3 and 7pm, or $1.35 after 7pm.

Trains run about every 12 to 15 minutes. The trip is 2.7 miles (I guess that's as the crow flies) and takes 13 minutes.

No parking is available at the Pentagon, so you might want to ride the Metro to the Pentagon on Friday morning as well.

I'll try to provide more info later.
...and a little more info...

Metro sells an "all day" pass for $7.80 that is good after 9:30am weekdays and all day on weekends. This might be a bargain if you think you'll be riding the Metro a lot during the course of a day. Keep in mind that you can ride the Metro 4 or 5 times before you would pay more than the $7.80 (calculated at two non-peak fares of $1.35 each and three peak fares at $1.65 each). Again, these fares are for the ride from the Pentagon to Federal Triangle - if you plan to take longer rides, it will cost you more. Check out the DC Metro page to find fares for the rides you plan to take.
I'm pretty sure you can get them from the ticket vending machines in the entrance of all the metro stops.
I'm not sure what you mean by "The card alone costs $5 before you fund it..." - I'm not aware of any minimum purchase amount and as far as I know you can purchase a card for the $1.35 fare between the Pentagon and Federal Triangle stops, but perhaps you've seen something I have not. I lived in DC for 14 years and have used the Metro dozens if not hundreds of times and I don't recall having to pony up 5 bucks for a card.

Meanwhile, all fare cards, including the one day pass can be purchased using the machines at any station.
Thats what I've always done.


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