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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

College Student and FairTax supporter Seth Riggio will be speaking to us about FairTax at the IRS building!

We have our permit taken care of now. ;o)

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There;s another 20 to get...

I would consider it a honor to be a flag bearer for the event.
you got it...
I too would be honored to carry a flag also
you got it...
The GA document is attached!
Do you have any idea of how many people to expect at this event? I have not heard much about it, but attended the meeting in Columbus, S.C. a few years ago and we had 8-10,000 people, and it was GREAT. We need a large crowd to get ANY media attention.

Jim Wright
The one in '07? With Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter, John Cox and the FairTax is coming band?
My family attended this meeting in Columbus. It was our first experience with organized FairTax meetings and we loved it! We were three of the 8000 who marched around the National Convention chenting, " Dare to be fair, FairTax now!" Not one tv crew filmed any of us but my 10 year old daughter was shown on You tube waving her hand and doing her part as one of America's younger citizens. She looked so determined and serious and I was very proud of her for wanting to become involved in her country's fight for freedom from government tyranny and massive tax burdens.
I'm shooting for fifty people and hoping for a million.
My husband and I can't make it in until the 12th but look forward to the march and the rally to follow at Freedom Plaza. I am so looking forward to being one of many voices speaking up in defense of our right to free speech and free choices. I hope we have a huge turnout!
STORM THE HILL Event, you must read the biographies of our two excellent feature speakers for the 9-11-09 Event(Attached). Make your way to Washington, D.C. to join us for an exciting day and week of activities! You don't want to miss this historical time!

It's refreshing to help foster our up and coming young people to carry the torch for the next generation. Seth Riggio is that person and has a dynamic and committed background that will be inspiring and refreshing to hear on 9-11 when he speaks on the FairTax issue.

Jessica Wexler, who will be speaking also, is another who will be carrying the torch for the next generation. She recently spoke at the Mid West FairTax rally in June 2009 and says as a Democrat that the FairTax is for ALL PARTIES! You don't want to miss her speech at the IRS Building in Washington, D.C. next month! TELL EVERYONE YOU MEET TO JOIN US IN D.C.!


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