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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I am planning to purchase several 4" X 6" banners for use at any upcoming events where FairTax Nation is planning to have a presence. The type of events may be trade shows, political conventions, county fairs, or gun shows, just to name a few.

The graphics are already done for the banner, and they are going to look great. I'm putting the order together soon, so they can be used at some of the April events. I'm going to pay for the first banner, which comes to $84. For every additional donation of $50, I will pay the difference of $34 to purchase an additional banner for FairTaxNation! Whoever makes the donation will decide which group keeps the banner. The vinly banners will include gromments for hanging from a wall, or a stand. I will include instructions for building a nice looking simple stand out of PVC pipe for outside events. Download the enclosed file to preview what it will look like.

Thanks to Ballyhoo banners for their help. I'd like to also thank Brenda Janssen for the design work!

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Look at the design for the tee shirts. (first reply)

Would you like to use that?
I'll see what I can do in the coming days.....I'm short on time right now however but I'm sure I can come up with something.

How about a 4x6 of the main page banner?
Add a little more of a slogan along the top...thoughts?
How can you summarize/Explain the Fair Tax in 10 words or LESS?
I think the banner should express a warm, family feeling with a touch of pride of nation.
I agree the main page banner has that and I like the soft curves of the logo. One item I would consider adding is something depicting the statue of liberty. It has that warm national patriotic feeling. There are some some small sketches in most print programs that do not have a restriction or royalty.
I have been to a sign shop to get some yard signs (like the politicians use) and to much background for screen painting or stencil type. They suggested just a good clean lettering with a banner wave through like in FairTax design is okay and let the normal white plastic be the background, could be had for less then $18 that way. Wanted a high resolution on a CD.
Great idea Josh! I would be interested in getting a banner(s) for our parades, booths etc. Would that be doable? The cost of $ 18? seems VERY Reasonable!! Keep us updated with the progress of the banner.
Hi Barbara,

I'm Jennifer with BallyHoo Banners. Visit our website at www.ballyHoobanners.com. We can make you banners, yard signs and vehicle magnets at wholesale prices. We are a member of Fair Tax in Kansas City and do their signage. We are in the process of creating our own booth with banner stands and banners across the back of the booth and a table cover. Our contribution is our design time and offering Fair Tax wholesale pricing.

Let us know if we can help. Jennifer 1-888-816-5050
Actually, This has been a major topic on our my mind for the past few days and something I want to address ASAP.

We need to be concerned with ease of portability. The CPAC event was great but our booth was the least professional looking of the entire event. First, I want to stress that I do appreciate what we had to work with and those who brought what was available. Thanks goes to Houston for letting us borrow the vertical banner like the one Walt used at the FL homeshow event. This whole unit folds down small enough to go on an airplane while protecting the important banner from damage.

We would do well to collect the money for a total of five of these so that we can have a very impressive and informative booth. Two for the ends of the booth near the walking area and three to go behind the table. Each one needs to be be eye catching and offer a different perspective of the FairTax and FairTax Nation. It needs to be owned by FairTax Nation and guarded for important events like CPAC where we are side by side with other well funded groups. A banner like what we had behind the table would be good for local events at a small fair or something but (IMHO) it did not fit in well with the event. We did with what we had so I'm glad we had it.

The only issue I have with the banner Chiefcook has is the all caps text for the 'WWW.FAIRTAXNATION.COM". I prefer this "www.FairTaxNation.com . It does not look like the sign is yelling at you and it stresses the three important words we would want someone to remember.

Also, keep in mind we always want to stress FairTax in everything we do. The FairTax brand should over ride the FairTax Nation brand every time!

What do you folks think?

I can take the uppercase web addy and make it lower case! Will do that this evening and post for all.
Jim, how's this?

I can output to all kinds of different formats. This site only recognizes a few, like jpg. Some of the ones are PNG, jpg is pretty common. I can also do tiff, ai7, and about 2 dozen others. I also figured out early on that the site doesn't take 32bit jpeg files eithers, and so this one is 24 bit. Email it to the printer and see if it works. If they need it larger, can do.
This arrangement might be good for banners or bumper stickers:

Both are good and clean, not hard on the eyes either, the message is out there in the open. I will show my sign maker and see how good it is. thanks!


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