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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I am planning to purchase several 4" X 6" banners for use at any upcoming events where FairTax Nation is planning to have a presence. The type of events may be trade shows, political conventions, county fairs, or gun shows, just to name a few.

The graphics are already done for the banner, and they are going to look great. I'm putting the order together soon, so they can be used at some of the April events. I'm going to pay for the first banner, which comes to $84. For every additional donation of $50, I will pay the difference of $34 to purchase an additional banner for FairTaxNation! Whoever makes the donation will decide which group keeps the banner. The vinly banners will include gromments for hanging from a wall, or a stand. I will include instructions for building a nice looking simple stand out of PVC pipe for outside events. Download the enclosed file to preview what it will look like.

Thanks to Ballyhoo banners for their help. I'd like to also thank Brenda Janssen for the design work!

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I'll call you on my lunch break...
The prices Jennifer is talking about will total less than 1,500.00 if I'm understanding her correctly.
Our corporation uses the metal rollup base type, very easy to use inside for presentations. We have two, each with a different message. Then we use the satin table cloth which drapes over to the ground, no velcro, covers the whole table so you place items under the table without items being seen. With the combination of the table cloth and 2 message boards comes out very impressive.

Outdoors, different story, when the wind blows just a little it is like a sailboat, catches all that wind for a banner that large, make sure you can stake it down, people love laughing at others chasing banners :>) been there and done it!
Firstly sorry for not getting back to anyone with regards to this.

Just moved house and totalled my car all in the same weekend - yey!!

I'll put together a larger version of the top page banner and add the statue of liberty etc along with a few other patriotic symbols.
Hi Tony,

The graphics are already done. I'm putting the order together on Monday. I'm going to pay for the first one, $84. For every donation of $50, I will pay the difference of $34 to purchase an additional banner for FairTaxNation!

Donate Here
Joshua I sent you an order through Pay Pal with the instructions of who to have it sent to. Thank you much.

Joshua, Ohio wants another one. Please ship them both to the same address.

Joshua, I don't see anything about the instructions for building the stand. Could you email that to me at orlandofairtax@gmail.com? I had an idea for one, but if this would work, why reinvent the wheel?


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