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FAIRTAXNATION Tees for the Tea Party...NEWER LOWER price!! $5 RESERVE NOW

I ordered shirts for the Tea Party and will be picking them up Friday. If you would like to reserve one and can't be there, please reply to this discussion thread with quantity and sizes before Friday evening, because I will likely sell the rest on Saturday. I ordered enough to get the price down, so they will be $5 and will feature the FTN logo on the front. You can pay through Pay Pal and I will mail it if you email your address to me at orlandofairtax@gmail.com and include $5 s/h.

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I will take two large tee shirts. I do not need the event on the back. That way I can use the shirt in the future.
I like this image a lot. I'd like to use it to create a large vanyl banner, but I need a high-res image for it to work. Can you help?
This is an Adobe AI 7.0 image
I also have a TIFF file but I can't seem to upload it. If you'd like that file email me at orlandofairtax@gmail.com.
This is a large jpg file

I'll take one large and one medium, nothing on the back thanks. I'll email you with the shipping info.

Great idea!!

Hey all! Today's the day I need to place the order to get them in time for the Orlando Tea Party. Remember we get better pricing for more shirts, so if you're in need of one, go ahead and let's get it on this order!
ORDER ME....6 -- 3 lrg and 3xlrg
OK, everybody! I'm ordering the shirts on Monday...I'm ordering enough to get a $6 price. Reserve a shirt by REPLYING to this post right here!! Limited number of smalls and xxls so if you need that size you might want to let me know this weekend and reserve one. I should have them by Monday or Tuesday of next week in time for a Pre Tee Party Planning session the week b4 the TeaParty (for the table and speaker plans). Email me if you have any questions. Reserve a shirt by REPLYING to this post right here!! These will have just the FTNation logo above. No reference to the Orlando group or the Tea party.

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Three LARGE for me at that price!
Size Large, quantity 2. Thanks!
2 - XL, 2 - medium


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