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I posted about promoting 912Project (& FairTax) on a forum near my city of Spfld, IL.

I thought perhaps you all might be interested in doing the same, to get the word out (via advertising) about Fair Tax. I will be doing the same when I start the Fair Tax grassroot in District 18 & parts of 19 in June.

See below of what I posted on 912Project forum----

As a RE investor & landlord, I can NOT believe I didn't think of it before....*aaarrggghhh!*

Here is one FANTASTIC way to get more new memberships AND get our point across: Car Magnetic Signs!!!!

Take a look at the gallery of what a car magnetic signs look like--- http://www.magneticsignsontime.com/gallery2.htm

You can easily take the sign off when the magnetic sign is not appropriate (i.e. funeral, attending church, etc).

I like http://www.buildasign.com/MagneticSigns because it is reasonably priced plus I know multiple people who are pleased with this company.

You can have the company to use the 912Project design, include the website link, plus any additional wordings to your desire.

Every single 912Project members can afford to get the magnetic signs for their vehicle!

There's no law against moving vehicle advertisement plus no monthly fees! Only one time small fee!

I can just picture it----thousands of people can not help but notice moving vehicle advertisements that motivate people to check out 912Project.

This can be the FASTEST way to get more memberships!

As a matter of fact, I'm going to do the same when I begin the FairTax grassroot during the month of June (which I hope to incorporate with 912Project but that's another story, another day).

Well? Did I give a good idea or did I give a great idea? :laugh:

I recommend the same design as Beck's 912Project (12x24 or 24x24 magnetic sign) AND
"Non-Partisan grassroot. www.912Project.com" underneath the 912Project design (6x18 magnetic sign)


Replace wordings to FairTax.

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Sounds like a good way to promote the FairTax.
Another great way is to shop from TaxItFairly.com and a percentage of all things that you would regularly buy online from places such as Amazon is spent promoting the FairTax.
Thanks, Mr. Czarnek. I'm gonna put this on the other page w/ the toolbar.


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