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It is easy to tell the FairTax is gaining momentum, recognition as a real threat to the status quo and the income tax system.

Crawling out of the woodwork like roaches are those hell-bent on opposing the good the FairTax can do.  Actually, some claim to have been FairTax supporters which is where I draw the line between supporters and advocates.

An advocate will generally have sufficient depth of knowledge on the FairTax to not be swayed into thinking a wart on the FairTax in their eyes is enough to kill the bill.  To throw out the baby with the bath water.

Someone discovered that retired people who may be spending above the poverty level AND spending retirement money saved with after tax dollars are being double taxed.  They were taxed on the income and under the FairTax they will be taxed on their spending.

Golly, they should just wait to see what happens under any tax system we are using when congress moves to gain more revenue to suport Social Security and Medicare's onslaught of baby boomers.  Let's face it, we are all going to be paying till we die into these entitlement programs.

Hello!  How shallow can one's thinking be?  The FairTax unloads a huge burden from every one of us.  No more deductions from our pay checks AND no more filing IRS 1040s.  No more tax and compliance burden on business that allows them to make business decisions without IRS consequence.  Allows them to grow as they see fit without the intrusion from the IRS or the expense of additonal matching payroll tax for each employee.

Then there are those who actually benfit financially from the complexity of the income tax.  They would love to see a VAT added to that mess. It just complicates the system and compliance even more.  It will give tax lobbyists a broader playing field and more opportunity to game the system while using our representatives as their pawns.

And don't forget our representatives collecting those tidy campaign contributions from lobbyists and special interest groups making it so much more difficult for a new candidate to defeat them and their campaign war chest.

But no, the FairTax has some warts and it is a bad tax policy.  Compared to what? 

The income tax is an acceptable system for illegal aliens and the underground economy.  They don't report their income.  Hmm.  The FairTax will get the underground and illegal alien money when they buy stuff?  The FairTax might cause illegal aliens to deport themselves?  We wouldn't want that now, would we?

All you smarty pants out there, why don't you spend your time analyzing the income tax, all 75,000+ pages and tell us what is wrong with it and why it is better tax policy than the FairTax?

And don't hide behind the "I support the Flat Tax" sham.  Read HR-1040 yourself to see that the Flat Tax is an add-on to the income tax as we know it today.  You say you didn't know that!  What are you doing supporting the Flat Tax?  Waiting for the legislation to be passed to be able to read it? 

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Excellent post, Larry. I may have to steal this and repost it on our FairTaxer Blog (http://fairtaxer.wordpress.com/) to see if we can reach a different group of people with it. With credit, of course. ;)


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