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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning, read my email annd
out Glenn Beck talked about the Fairtax.  So I watched his Friday night
program that I recorded and it was my question he was answering!  At
least we now know that he has been grossly misinformed about the Fairtax
so lets get busy educating him on the truth of the Fairtax!

"On the Glenn Beck program this afternoon, Glenn responded to viewer
questions. When asked about whether he supports FairTax, Beck responded
that FairTax would assess different tax rates for different product
categories. He gets this notion from the libertarian website kirlonia.com. Please
contact him at glennbeck@foxnews. com and ask him to read HR-25 and
discuss the issue with his Fox News colleague Mike Huckabee. Whenever
FairTax is distorted, we must act as the Truth Squad!"  -John

"Stella" Early
(404) 667-1404

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Maybe we could start a petition circulating for Beck to have a FairTax debate on his show. He always talks about how he is open for debates from anyone. It would probably carry more weight having a bundle of signatures from listeners and viewers rather than the individual "hate mail" he says he gets whenever he mentions the FairTax.
Had a fantastic time at the Fairtax rally in DC. NC Cogressman Heath Shuler, District 11, is open to the Fairtax but not on board yet. Congressman Steve King, Iowa, promised me he would talk to Glenn Beck about why the Fairtax is a much better solution than the Flat Tax, may even suggest he do a show comparing the two. YEAH!
After listening to Glenn Beck the other day, I am of the belief that , not only has he not read the FAIR TAX BOOK or any of the others by knowledgeable people, He has become completely bought out by those who believe that the government has to control all facets of our lives. Nobody in their right mind can believe in both sides of the argument as Beck apparently does. I believe that he has become enamored with Dick Armey and his foolish idea that the FLAT tax will do anything other than result in base for what we have now. It keeps everything we want to rid ourselves of. The FED , The IRS and billions in cost of reporting along with the costs of compliance with an intrusive tax code.
I was watching this the other night and I was SHOCKED! Glenn Beck said that with the FairTax, we "will just end up right back to where we are now..."

He needs to know the truth! He hasn't done his homework because he is in support of the Flat tax. Get it together, Glenn!


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