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I found a post on there that is similar to the response to me on the Stossel article. Is it a 'troll' just roaming around sites with Fair Tax supporters and trying to get under their skin or do you think it just a coincidence that the same discussion is taking place in more than one location?


I also found this very interesting read from the list of analysis on the right hand column of the above site.





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Yes, it is a troll site.
I happened upon that website approximately three years ago. I have always viewed it as another pro Fair Tax website.
It is not pro FairTax. It is a trick.
It's not a trick or a troll site. All the moderators, including myself, are Pro-FairTax. However, unlike some sites (cough) we don't ban users for disagreeing or presenting another point of view. It is a place for respectful discussion and debate. We moderate out spam posts and personal attacks, but we invite both sides to debate the merits of the plan. Most of the people there are fairly educated on the plan, so we tend to discuss more in-depth issues and studies than what you would see on the normal FairTax forums. Debate is always a great way to improve your arguments and learn from others.
If that is true, I apologize. Maybe I was misled.

I will be glad to send folks to that site to debate. There are a lot of good websites out there that serve well for debating. That is fine. We stated in the first days of this site that this site was for the purpose of moving the FairTax movement forward with personal activation and not for rehashing the same arguments posed years ago.

There were a few folks who did not like the way and purpose of FairTax Nation and did not want to live by our rules so they got the boot.

I certainly hope your cough gets better soon!
Thanks for the information. I found the above linked analysis interesting...although, I confess a bit mind-boggling for me. Some of our better informed and educated people ought to check it out. It was the more recent analysis I could find in the list on the right hand column of the home page.

There is the 'Douglas' characters across the internet trolling the same point of government having to pay the Fair Tax.

Jeff, I applaud you for not banning users such as that...they are a great way for people to see the truth posted by pro-FairTax/sensible people.
I'm glad there is a place to debate the FairTax, but I am VERY, VERY, VERY glad that FairTaxNation is a place FairTax supporters can come for sancutary from debate and focus on forward movement to get this legislation to be the new law of the land, our land that is serious need of a turn around and the FairTax is the perfect first step!

Yahooo for all kinds of sites meeting all the different needs!


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