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I have never given a speech before. I have volunteered to speak on the Fair Tax at a Tea Party Rally. I am looking for suggestions. Maybe something that is already written that I might edit. Has anyone else given a speech at a Tea Party? Something interesting and enthusiastic. I expect to have people in the crowd that feel that taxes are unconstitutional and I expect some negative responses. I need something that will be a crowd pleaser. Something with some pep? It is one thing to speak to people that are interested sitting in a library. BUt, outside at a protest? YIKES!!

If I could just get started I might be OK. Anyone want to volunteer for this?

Kingsport, TN April 15th. We have no idea how many people will attend.


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Hi Brenda

I would be happy to talk to you about your speech. I don't know how much I can help, but I will try.

Read the forum posted by Brenda in Ohio (Miamisburg April FairTax Meeting Had 5 New Guests). A lady in her group, Kate Burch, has prepared a speech that she hopes to deliver at the Dayton Tea Party.

I would suggest you contact Brenda - I'm sure Kate would be more than happy to share her speech with you.

Check out the attached documents from FairTax.org called the "Talking Points to Use When Presenting the FairTax Plan" and "Plan English Summary". Good luck,

I will be speaking at the Memphis Tea Party myself. I will help you in anyway possible.

You know how to get a hold of me.

I wish you the absolute best luck.
PAss the word in your area so that you will have as many freindly voices in the crowd as possible! You have a lot of supporters in your area.
Thanks everyone for your offers to help. I have come up with a possible angle. I just have to figure out how to pull it off in 5 minutes (time for speech). I may call or contact some of you later for further assistance or comments.

Thanks again! It makes me a lot more comfortable knowing who to call!

Bless your heart, you can do this!

I thought the Tea Parties were against wasteful government spending. Are they anti taxation? Gee willikers, we have to fund defense and the other expenses involved in running the country. We surely didn't need to bail out all these corporations with our money and buy dog parks in CA and waterparks in AR, etc. to run the country.

Good luck. You'll do fine. You're excited and enthusiastic about the Fair Tax and what you say will resound with many.


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