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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

This is a letter I just received from my congressman, while it was great to get a reply it is VERY non-commital! Looking forward to hearing your comments!

Dear Jamie:

Thank you for contacting me again regarding the "FAIR Tax". I appreciate you taking the time to share your views with me. Thank you for sharing a link to Congressman King's special order.

As I mentioned in my previous correspondence, one of my highest goals is dramatic reform and simplification of the federal tax code. Amerian taxpayers deserve a tax code they can understand. We must replace our current code with one that is simpler, fairer, more uniform, and consistent. You may be interested to learn that I am a co-spsonsor of the Tax Code Termination Act, which would eliminate the current tax code after December 31, 2012. The bill requires that a new, simple and fair federal tax system be approved by Congress by July 4, 2012. You specifically mentioned your support for the FAIR Tax proposal. I am familiar with the FAIR Tax proposal and believe it is an idea that merits careful consideratin. While I am not a member of the House Ways and Means committee, which has jurisdiction over all legislation addressing changes to our tax system, you may be certain that I will keep your support for the FAIR Tax in mind as the full House of Representatives considers tax reform measures.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your views with me. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future on any matter of importance to you.

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That looks about like the same reply I got from Mike Mcintire.
Were you a bit frusturated by the response? --- Did he also try to pat himself on the back by co-sponsoring such DO NOTHING legislation? HERE...try the FAIR TAX is will DO what the bill you co-sponsored will do and MORE = REPLACEMENT & REPEAL!!! HEY>>>that should be our new slogan !!!

Time for some Replacement and Repeal? FAIRTAX!!! & then we can enjoy some Rest & Relaxation from FREEDOM of the the 67,000 page manipulating tax code!!!
Having worked in a previous life writing these types of replies, at least you didn't get robo #7 (the kook letter reply) or robo #8 (the generic "upset about taxes" reply).

Seriously, this appears to be an individual letter. That's rare. And it appears your congressman is at least on the right side of the tax reform issue.
Keep educating him until that day comes. Do not ignore, you may get more canned responses, but at least you will continue to educate him.

I had a simliar response about the Ways&Means, so i post card them often, education, education!
I suggest arranging a meeting with his tax aide to explain in detail the The Fair Tax. I noticed his bill is very short and vague. It doesn't begin to address replacing the income tax code in the same detail as The Fair Tax Act. I also noticed John Linder's name is on this bill along with Rep. Broun a cosponsor of The Far Tax Act. You may want contact them to understand their reasoning why they support this bill and see if they can get your Rep to become a cosponsor of The Fair Tax Act.
The next time you write to the Rep, ask specific questions.

"Since you are not a Co-Sponsor for the FAIR Tax, you must have some reservations about HR-25. Please let me know at least three concerns you have with the FAIR Tax that I may help answer them."

Keep the letter to one or two simple items that would be very difficult to dodge! Hope this will help.
Very good idea. I may use this next time if the response I get from Jordan this time isn't satisfactory.
Looks like what I get from Rep. Jim Jordan here in Ohio. I don't even know how many of these I've received in the last year because I bug him every so often.

I just called Jordan's DC office and asked for a specific reason as to why he doesn't support the Fair Tax. He is not opposed to it, just doesn't support it. I told the staffer that I really a specific answer to a specific question: Why doesn't the congresman support the fair Tax? We'll see what happens.
Same kind of response we've got from Tom Cole.

He is 'FOR' tax reform but not a co-sponsor of the FairTax.

I agree with a previous response....we shouldn't ask them about the FairTax.
We should ask straight out, 'as you for tax reform and code simplification....why are you not a co-sponsor of the FairTax?'

If they come back saying it needs more research.....CALL and tell them you'll come by his office and educate him on the bill.
Not only are these people extremely busy spending our money.....they don't have time.
So we make them make time!!!

Tom Cole has been shown the DVD, the books over and over and over....still won't co-sponsor.
So he'll be voted out next year. We tried....he failed!
Write him back and thank him for his response to your letter and his interest in simplifying the tax code. Tell him that FairTax does exactly what he proposes and is based on $22M of research and has been endorsed by 76 professional and university economists. Ask him if he will sign up as a co-sponsor, even though he is not a member of the Ways and Means Committee.
I sent hte following to my representative.
The Honorable Doc Hastings:
I attended the "tea party" at John Dam plaza in Richland on April 15th. I was very disturbed to hear that similiar events throughout the country were deemed to be attended by "right wing extremists, attendees were said to be red necks and racists. I did not see anything racial about the Richland or other tea party events. What I saw were ordinary people, young and old coming together to vent our frustration about how the federal government is spending monies it does not have. Yes, some attendees had anti Obama signs. These signs dealt with his policies not him personally. The large majority of us are not against paying taxes, just the method used to collect taxes. During this event, I was able to dispense information, which was enthusiastically received, regarding the FAIR TAX. I know you are not yet a supporter of HR 25. I would appreciate your letting me know what are your main objections to co--sponsoring this bill.
D. L. Suter
Please let us know the response.
Get a gauge on his mentality on how he can be approached with the FairTax to become a co-sponsor.

If he's still not onboard.....work on his opponent to replace him and let Doc Hastings know that ;)

It all comes down to letting them know who has the power!!


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