Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

HOW YOU CAN HELP/GET INVOLVED/GROW this grassroots legislation and make it OUR reality

WELCOME & Thank you for taking the time to get involved.
When WE the PEOPLE UNITE WE can do amazing things!

For a donation these items are available:
(e-mail me at yes2fairtax@live.com & let me know items & quantities)
FairTax vinyl cling - sug. don $5
FairTax Bumper Sticker - sug. don $5
FairTax T-Shirts - sug. don $10
FairTax baseball caps - sug. don $10
FairTax window flags - sug. don $10

** Get 5-10 FairTax supporters signed up here on fairtax nation

Go to www.vistaprint.com and order your first 250 FairTax Business cards FREE...hopefully you'll buy MORE!! To show uniformity please pick the flag background and for wording I highly recommend what I used on my cards by going to this link: http://www.fairtaxnation.com/photo/front-back-of-my-new-fairtax?con...
If you have questions why I used the wording I did please feel free to ask. "Remember, BILL numbers CHANGE...so if you don't use all the Business cards up you will have to UPDATE that information on all that are left."

** Copy CD-R's of the "It's Time" CD to be handed out in Public Awareness Packets to be handed out via doorknob hangers. (It's Time can me viewed on YouTube as well) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwuS9VCPmb0

** Use that nice printing to help write on CD-R's to be put in Public Awareness packets

** Making phone calls to FT Supporters who do not have computer access

** Attend TownHall Meetings

** Attend monthly meetings

** Make FT signs to be put amongst those who are running for an office

** Become a Community Coordinator

** "IRS Ball & Chain Gang" (this one will take you out of your comfort zone but will definately get some ATTENTION!)

** Write letters to the editor

** Speak in front of groups

--FairTax WALKERS: pick a place to meet and walk
--Go out to dinner
--Get in jail gear and stand on street corners and wave
--Be in the Benton/Franklin County Parade
--ATTEND as a group various activites in our community
--Create neighborhood FairTax networks so we can walk or drive less than 10 min. to another FT Supporters house and do something FT related on short notice.
--Get the YOUNGER generation involved/educated...any ideas? (ice crm social?)
--who knows the details of sending out PSA's & Press Releases?


WHAT CAN YOU DO? HOW CAN YOU HELP? What are your strength & how can you use them to help us GROW the FT Grassroots?!!!

Donate time, money, items...etc
Are you good on the phone
Do you like to write letters
Host a FairTax meeting in your home with Friends and neighbors

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