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The major problem I have had for years of supporting the Fair Tax is that once a person hears about the Fair Tax, the first question that is asked is "What can I do?

AFFT position was to sign up at www.fairtax.org. Then they get a request for donations.
They have a "get involved" section that was buried why in the back of the site. You have to look for it. There was no way for the individual to ask questions and get a timely response.

The yahoo Fair Tax sites did not provide an answer nor a quick response.

The information is one way. It all goes through AFFT.

This site solves many of these concerns once you figure out how to use it. There are a number of areas to visit but the newcomer really does not know what to do. I have seen many members post a comment. " I joined a while back, but I just found this" How many members know they can use the "chat"? How about the private chat area?

What are the Upload Files about?
How would the new member find out about a "group" in their community and the events in that community?

Maybe there should be a newcomer information page they could be directed to when they register. The main page could have a link to it for people to use as a refresher.

Does anyone have any other thoughts?

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We have a "Welcome Page" on the Zapper site but I think it got limited usage. But it too was buried. I would recommend a Tab called "Welcome." A lot of people will not hunt for things to familarize themselves with a site. Or maybe part of the automated welcome sent could include a link to a "What Next" page.

Dave Sibole
I am like you. The first thing I looked for was my area to join a local meeting, but who was my district coordinator, much less the local.
Then I wanted to know how to obtain a standard 'handout' to place in the public library in this area, but could not locate.
It appears just as another meeting place, with the exception of the big cities like Miami, Tampa, Chicago and other large metro areas.
Grassroots start in small town USA just as much as the big cities! I signed up for Local coordinator and waiting to see what I can do, I hope if your a member and the only one in your small town you do the same and show the big guys we can make a difference!
This is my response to the 2009 blitz discussion... and how I see everyone getting involved

"Every FairTax leader in the country works to create a FairTax Group on every campus in their area to find young leadership for FairTax mobilization - this is the group that will benefit the most from FairTax and has the most energy

Derogatory comments and name calling of all politicians be stopped by all in FairTax leadership. The facts alone incriminate the guilty parties.

Promote FairTax more through every day activities. If you have a booth to sell goods somewhere, put out info cards that refer to FairTax.org or FairTaxNation.com or even http://www.youtube.com/fairtaxhub If you attend school, you put FairTax stickers on your book covers or start a group. At work, use a FairTax coffee mug. If you entertain in your home, put FairTax.org on your disposable dessert plates. If you attend church, you ask to use a room one Sunday and offer an informational meeting to your friends to explain FairTax... short, sweet, just the facts and where to get info. Bring FairTax to what you love. If you bike, join Mike on his rides. If you love to make pottery, make a FairTax pot - someone will ask about it. Find the common ground and engage FairTax from there.

Continue our movement as Nonpartisan, non confrontational... just to make FairTax a word that everyone has heard. Momentum will build. People will ask you at some point. Try not to crusade (I am SOOO guilty of this). Don't argue with people, unless they actually bother to read the book or FairTax.org If they don't want to get it, they won't. You cannot enlighten the unconscious.

If you know of FairTax supporters who just won't get involved, work with them to understand how vital their involvement is. Get them a FairTax mug for their birthday. My graduation gifts to all high schoolers is the FairTax book. It's worth trillions of dollars, much more than the traditional $50 gift.

It's these little things while doing what you love to do that will attract the masses - let's not attack the masses"
Add the FairTax to what you do as a hobby....great idea!!!

Meet the FairTax Troopers
Now THAT is what I'm talking about!!! Too fun!


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