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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

FairTax will be part of it's platform along with term limits.

What do you folks think of this?

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Michele, have you tried contacting Aaron Schutte at fairtax.org? Call them at their 1-800 number. They might be able to give you some idea of how many petitioners/donors there've been.

The FairTax isn't a matter of if, it's a matter of when. And the USA better get there first, or we stand to lose one heck of a lot!
I notice how you talked about Dick Armey is a Flat Tax Promoter, Well it may be true and with Steve Forbes, the "mastermind" behind Flat Tax, who is a member of the Freedomworks. We at FairTaxSOWEGA have been working along side their local group of Freedomworks of SW Georgia and their Southeastern Regional Director Allen Page for Freedomworks in promoting FairTax with their local organization. On March 21th we were invited to Freedomworks meeting. We at FairTaxSOWEGA were happy to see that S/R Director Allen Page had the FairTax logo in their slide presentation. Yes this is true. You may think, "yeah well they know we were coming". I don't think so, as we came at the last minute. Now I know for fact, I have talked to their local members and they all want FairTax over Flat Tax. I think what is going on inside their organization is their people feel FairTax is better proposition than the original Flat Tax idea of Ronald Reagan's days. If you remember Ronald Reagan tried a form of Flat Tax which did help the economy regain its self back until recent years ( Reagonomics). We all know Flat Tax will only last a few years before it reverts back to the income tax of today.
We all have seen Dick Armey's survey between FairTax and Flat Tax on their website. Southeastern Regional Director for AFFT Phil Hinson and I, on our website, have asked people to vote for FairTax in his survey. If you have seen this survey, which it was mostly Dick's Freedomworks group and members who voted, did so with FairTax support overwhelming the Flat Tax. I think in due time - with his people who want the FairTax over Flat Tax- will be supportive of FairTax, as we continue to gain more support. We have all seen the recent surge of support for FairTax all over the nation.

We FairTaxSOWEGA are grassroots and will continue to work on local districts to change our elected officials minds. FairTaxSOWEGA has a wonderful Volunteer Communication Director who is top notch in letter writing. Our FairTaxSOWEGA Twitter program in 6 months has over 1700 followers, many have retweeted, our messages everyday. We are gaining many politicians and candidates every day who are following us. We have noticed many news organization following. We are holding the number one spot in the Alexa Ranking for FairTax Websites and Twitter sites. There is an expansion of people who want more than just FairTax, they want it passed. FairTaxSOWEGA is holding many events every month and meetings and is growing in all our areas. We have a local area which people have become passive so we are launching a new idea to help get more farmers involved through Farm Bureau, FairTax.org has a whole section on this issue. We are going to work with Black Leaders through churches to get the black citizens involved talking to them how the "prebate" program will benefit them and help them. We have learned if people start loosing interest we must rebuild that area. We are getting help from our local news media and believe it or not they are working with us without FairTaxSOWEGA paying for anything, they are advertising for us. Now is the time to push harder forward while we have the peoples' interest and the country is looking for answers. Working with these news media and websites is the way to reach them.

We are working on our Democrat Congressman Sanford Bishop (Ga2) to have FairTax Organization from Houston to sit down with the Blue Dog Democrats to allow Fairtax Organization for a presentation and discussion with these democrats. Southeastern Regional Directors Phil Hinson has supported our efforts. Houston is waiting for our results. I am happy to report we are getting closer to having this event to happen. If you would like to help then I ask your members to write to the Blue Dog Democrats in their districts asking to get with the FairTax Organization for a meeting and presentation. This is the only way we can get Fairtax inside Washington and if this happens and we gain all their ( B/D/Demo) support as sponsors, we will then have enough to push Fairtax through the House. As it stands now we have 72 sponsors for Fairtax, with the Blue Dogs as sponsors, we can get the 123 sponsors needed to have this results accomplished.

Jim Please I hope you don't take me wrong I am only asking your FairTax Nation Group to help with us to push forward so we all can do our part to get FairTax passed. I am not boasting but working very hard to do what ever it takes to help get FairTax implemented. Your have a strong nation wide FairTax spur group. We are just a local district group but we are working hard for something we believe is the only answer to save this great land of ours. Please join with us to help us too. I would love nothing more than to get this FairTax implemented, so I can get to work on my new business and not spending so much time on this issue. Until that happens we will spend the necessary time it takes.


You are doing a great job and, of course, I support you!

When I talked about Dick Armey, (I think I know the time in which you are refering) I was trying to figure out the best approach to handling the 9/12 event in Washington DC this September.

I have thought about it a lot and I encourage all to attend freedomwatch events because a lot of these folks are easily converted to the FairTax once they understand the difference.

Dick Armey is against talking about the FairTax and Flat Tax debate. Congressman Steve King and I talked about this in detail. Dick Armey controls the message of Freedomworks.

I will be in DC on 9/12 promoting FairTax at FreedomWorks events.

Thank you very much for your efforts to get the BlueDogs in play. Please keep me informed of your progress.

Charlie, great work! Very encouraging news. :)
Mr. Prochaska, Your SOWEGO site is very nice. Meant to go back sooner than this... I read a few thing you wrote and again today I am impressed.

Tried the twitter thing and glad someone is making progress in this arena. We need to compare our allies lists more often. Very glad y'all are goin' to Church and helping out the farmers.
Georgia group seems to be dead.. No repsonse from anybody for months. I would hate to see the birthplace of the fairtax to be represented this way. Perhaps you should assign more active people to leadership positions? Regards..
Are you volunteering?
A fine piece of news for GA: NCR (National Cash Register) has had it's business located here in Ohio for 125 yrs. But no more. They're picking up and leaving for GA.

I hope your group picks back up. It's important that current Fair Tax news and events be reported. Are there regular meetings taking place there? I, for one, look to GA due to it's strong support of FairTax.
I was at a republican meeting yesterday and they started talking about a new party and you know what there is one alrady ...the T.E.A. Party, major support across the country, everybody has heard of it. I also thought of the name in Fair Tax Org, it is Florida's FFTEA, strange that TEA is part of it.

Maybe it will become a political party and not just a 'bunch' of rally 'squawkers'.
Now you are catching on....
I ain't. Feel like the 'lil kid at skool or the donkey chasing a carrot. How does it help if TEA folks make their own party when the big dawgs of that movement have flat tax leanings & $ behind it?

Perhaps it's 'cause I'm still holding a grudge for their obvious snub to GA FairTaxers who turned out to support them. So now should I make nice? That'll be a while considering it still makes me make that face. 'Taint easy being mean.
Put up tea folks to run agin the flattax folks. Split their vote and turn them out. if nothing else, It will be easier to beat the lib the next time around with a straight up fairtax candidate.

call it 'tough love'.


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