Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

FairTax will be part of it's platform along with term limits.

What do you folks think of this?

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I could be wrong but my gut feeling tells me the tea party rallies are the impetus to another party forming considering people at the rallies are disgusted with both parties. The Fair Tax could very well be one plank since many supporters attend and speak about The Fair Tax. Momentum is definitely growing.
'Bout time. However, I am concerned that the Tea Party folk are going to go flat tax. I saw no evidence of FairTax on their site a few weeks ago. Got an email from a pal saying that one of the guys, Dick Armey wrote a flat tax book. I don't know if this is true.

If this is true, and something is fishy how they didn't pick up and run w/ FairTax, then we need to holler louder. Sell the only stimulus tax plan.
Dick Armey is one of the former Congressmen (House leader) who was trying to get acceptance of a Flat Tax back in the late 1980s I think. I was a big proponent of the Flat Tax myself at that time but he and his supporters never gained any momentum.
He probably did write a book on the Flat Tax.
He is still a promoter of a Flat Tax working from his organization called Freedomworks. He is Chairman.
Freedom works people have latched onto the TEA Party movement too in an effort to gain ground for their issues.
They are throwing a big shin dig in DC on set 12 I think.

I say we should go show them that FairTax is much stronger.
What I have learned is that there is the National TEA Party movement and the local TEA Party organizers. Among that group, Freedomworks has established themselves as "TEA Party" organizers and are promoting activities not in concert with the actual TEA Party movement. It seems they may be trying to take over the TEA party game for their own agenda.
Freedomworks definitely is a FlatTax organization since it is chaired by Dick Armey, the original promoter of the Flat Tax. I believe like Jim T that we should attend events organized by Freedomworks but to leverage some advantage we will need to get in bed with them to gain some recognition and have a chance to get our message out.
TEA Party organizers not affilitated with Freedomworks have been very avid FairTax supporters and we do partner with them in Central Florida.

Larry- Some "Tea Partys" are being organised and run as "small businesses," that is they are hoping to make-out from selling t-shirts and bumper stickers.

"Freedomworks" jumped-on the Tea Party train just as it was leaving the station, with the help of Fox News, Click Underlined Link:

Republican Politicians Invite Themselves To Tea

When you work with "established" politicians there is the possibilty that any work you do will be used to advance their careers and you will be left where you started at, so it is better to build your own organization.
Extracted from the web site link you provided above:

A Third "Tea Party" Political Party?

With an estimated 2,000 separate, and mostly independently, locally organised, Tea Parties being held during a school and workday that had 250,000 Americans (11% of them unemployed) with springs thunderstorms raining down on them turning out to listen to political speeches and express their displeasure with the governmental status quo, could this be the start of a "Third Political Party?"

The FairTax, the Tea Party - It's time!
With the power and funds behind Dems and Reps......I'm skeptical to think a 3rd party would just draw votes away from the Republicans.

That being said....its just my thoughts.
I think conservatives need to unite. The left has divided us by attacking those who unite us (Palin for example) so we need to throw off the quibbles we have and unite....FairTax is damn good flag to fly as we march :)
It's that "power" that is standing in the way of FairTax becoming law.
Since the Republicans acted like Democrats when in control of the congress and presidency, it is no wonder people like the idea of a third party. What the Republicans, and moreso the country, needs are conservative voices espousing conservative ideas. I heard the Republicans are going to start calling the Democrats the Democrat/Socialist party. Wow, this will really excite the conservatives in the country. What a joke. Mr. Steele, chairman of the RNC, is too glib and a failed politician. The libs jerked his chain on Limbaugh and he fell hook, line and sinker. The Republicans don't have the toughness to fight the Dems. They try too hard to gain acceptance by the libs by acting like Dems.
I fear there is nobody on the horizon who can lead a coservative comeback.
The only way a third party will ever work is if we can get Instant Recall Voting passed. Guess what their web address is........


Debbie Kirkland
AL District 2 Director
I've always liked the idea of the use of instant recall voting--or single transferable vote as its also sometimes caused--but the organization this link goes to takes things alot farther than instant recall voting; particularly their advocacy of unlimited online and mail in balloting shows very little concern for the very real problems of voter fraud.


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