Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

FairTax will be part of it's platform along with term limits.

What do you folks think of this?

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Paul, we discussed this on our radio program yesterday. Using the label of "Reaganites", we feel that many Americans feel that Ronald Reagan is the most respected and admired President in recent years.

If we can rally around the ideals of this man, who was admired by people in all parties, we can maximize influence and diminsh the posibility of a fragmented vote. In fact I believe the opposite would occur. (See more at www.biillybarepockets.com)

In times past the Republican vote has been fragmented causing a Democrat to win the election. I point out the 1992 election where Ross Perot acompished this very thing and caused Bill Clinton to win the race. These races divided, but Reagan was a uniter.

If we had something that more conservative Democrats and Republicans as well as other parties could rally around, we might have a chance to do exactly what you suggest. Using the ideals of a true uniter could unite otherwise unlikely allies!

Paul- Thank your very thoughtful post. Your strategic thinking is sound and there are several sites on the Internet that welcome concerned Americans from the dominant parties as well as the independents, but they have not developed a definite platform like we have here at fairtaxnation.

We have been watching the Tea Partys and many of them have come to be dominated by established Republican politicians and lobbying groups. We first wrote about the, Click Underlined Link: The Tea Parties Right After Tax Day

Meanwhile, the government has plans to able to, Click Underlined Link:

Track Americans Travels From State to State
Yes, it's here. Don't you folks see it? FairTax is non-partisan. GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE! www.goooh.com is non-partisan. The only way FairTax will get passed is for GOOOH representatives to take over the House next Nov. Please visit the website, meet Tim Cox, Founder/creator of GOOOH and let's help get him on the platform in front of the IRS Building on 9/11
OK! OK! OK! ;o)

I'm looking at it! Laura McCue is talking to me as well.
I'm sure I could get Billy Barepockets to speak at the event as well. This would be a great venue to promote the "American Conservative Candidate Registry" we're putting together at www.billybarepockets.com.

We're truly promoting the Fair Tax program, and helping candidates get elected who will vote for it. Please let me if we could help you Jim.

Who exactly is "Billy Barepockets?"

Forgive me but I'm a little lost as to what that's all about other than having a list of candidates that you (or he) endorse(s).

I'm happy to see you have FairTax on the questionaire.
Hi Tom. Sorry I haven't replied earlier. Been out of Town quite a bit lately.

Billy Barepockets is Every middle class tax payer who is fed up with the current direction of our Federal Government. He is sick of politicians who do not follow the constitution, and appear to have never actually read the Billy of Rights for themselves. He is tired of politicians who believe in growing the size of government in an effort to extend it's powers beyond what our founding fathers ever intended.

Billy Barepockets is simply every one of us who wants a balanced budget, to be protected from threats both foreign and domestic, and believes in the rights and responsibilities of every citizen.

Billy Barepockets is me, and I hope he is you too.
Yes, Dick Armey supports the flat tax. However, many of us who belong to Freedpm Works, Tea Party, and 9-12 Project are advocates of the Fair Tax. I have seen MANY Fair Tax signs and t-shirts at Tea Parties around Florida, and I really think the concensus is in favor of Fair Tax. Flat tax does not get rid of the IRS---Fair Tax does! I am a tax preparer and have pushed for the Fair Tax for many years. I would be better off financially with the Fair Tax than I am with my 3 1/2 month job!!!


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