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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I'm a friend of Jim Tomasik and big fan of the FairTax.  As a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, I have made it a major cornerstone of my campaign.  Jim has told me about some of you who feel the same way I do about
the FairTax and FairTax Nation.  I even had the pleasure to meet Tony and Jamie
and some others in DC in April.  I'm disappointed that I was not allowed to speak
at the rally as we had planned but I really enjoyed having the chance to meet
activists from across the country.
Jim introduced me to the FairTax idea back in June when we met for the first time in Memphis.  Since then, I have read both books by Linder and Boortz and I'm absolutely convinced that this is one of the things America needs to
pull her back from the brink of disaster.  FairTax will return jobs to the US
and bring about equity in the way our government acquires the funds it takes to
If you have some time, I hope you visit my website and see where I stand on all the issues facing this country.
Donn Janes
Just Right For Tennessee

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Go Donn Janes Go! ;o) You the MAN!
Thanks Jim! Lets work to get the FairTax implemented!
Welcome Donn Janes and YES...FairTax 2010 & 2012!!! Best to you on being elected to congress!!!
Thanks Jamie!
Welcome Donn, we met in D.C. last month.
It was a pleasure.
Donn did a great job defending the FairTax while being verbally attacked from the floor by a FairTax hater during his speech at the Tennessee TEA Party Convention Sunday.
It was great meeting you too Tony!
Way to go Donn!!! That is the FIGHT our country is sooooo deeply missing! FairTax is what this country needs NOW before the increases for the HCB start kicking in!
The guy on the left is the one who seems to have a deep hatred for all things FairTax. Here he is talking to our Phil Hinson after the discussion/debate forum:

Did he have any valid questions or was it just 'I hate the FairTax because...'?
At on point he claimed the tax rate for the FairTax would have to be 165%.

Someone said I should keep my mouth shut unless I had something good to say about someone.

I'll try to do that today.

Credit goes to Phil Hinson and James Baird for looking like adults while exchanging with him.
Hmmm, send him to the multitude of economical studies...see if he reads and understands them


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