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I'm wondering if there is a group concerned with fighting misinformation

I found this discussion thread on Political Forum and they are trying to ravage the Fair Tax.
I don't have the information right now to tell them if any of this is true or not.
Here's the thread.:

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I've passed this along to the right group on people.

After looking closer at the site I am wondering if it is even worth the effort. This site is not going to be widely read, I do not think. I could be wrong.

I will let Mr. Pilgrim Proost and the others make that call.
Thank you. This is the forum I got into when I googled political forums. It was pretty high on the list. I've been posting there for about two years.
I was concerned because of the "viral" nature of such misinformation.
Thank you!
The term "blow hard" comes to mind....
I just heard some misrepresentation of the Fair Tax on Geraldo at Large! I was so irritated I fired off an email to straighten him out on the facts. He let it pass when his guest said people would have sticker shock at the added 23% flat tax! I could have spit nails. I reprimanded him for not correcting her and explaining that the 23% replaces the 22% already imbedded in the cost of an item before you get to the checkout counter. The Fair Tax was kind of poohed off on the show, from my point of view.

I was really prepared for some intelligent, knowledgable discussion about the Fair Tax. Grrrr.
Ken, I went to this site and I think I saw what you read. I have already contacted the Ohio Tea Party, probably a week ago, and asked them if Fair Taxers were welcome. I received a warm email welcoming us. We are not at all in conflict with the Tea Party's purpose and if anything, we share their outrage at the wasteful spending. As a matter of fact, I'm working on trying to get a Josh Gregg to speak at the April 15th Columbus Tea Party. Don't know yet if I can get that done but I'm working on it. I haven't heard from Josh yet, but I've already put in the request for permission.

I think Jim is right, that website probably isn't going to cause us any real problems. They talk about everything in the world on that site and there doesn't seem to much focus on any one topic.
Thank you. I'll be attending the tea party in Knoxville. You're probably right about it being the least of our worries. I just waned to try to stop anything before it gets out of hand.
In that particular thread there are only 4 replies. And Sean said it best: "Blow hard." I wouldn't worry too much about misinformation in blogs or forums...there's a reason why bloggers are bloggers, and not economists, authors, or national figures. I concern myself more with defending the Fair Tax in places like online newspapers, magazines, and the like. This is where people go to seek out information and stay up on current events. This is where you reach the silent majority. Blogs and Forums on the other hand - that is where you frequently find the vocal minority loudmouths whose followers already have their minds made up on how to solve the worlds ills. And there are a million sites to cover. We could waste a lot of energy in these types of forums for little gain. Be sure to join my group Ken. Search for "Fair Tax Internet Command."
Now THAT was funny!

You may have just described FTN. ;o) ~~~> "Forums on the other hand - that is where you frequently find the vocal minority loudmouths whose followers already have their minds made up on how to solve the worlds ills. And there are a million sites to cover."

We're getting louder every day!

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