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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

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HI Francisco!


I am afraid you may have wandered into the wrong website. Fair Tax Nation is in support of the FairTax Act of 2011 HR 25/ S13. The FairTax bill would replace all federal income taxes with an indirect consumption tax to be collected at the retail level. For more information on the FairTax I would suggest going to our informational site at www.FairTax.org.  


The people on this site are not in favor of a VAT because it hides the true cost of government from the citizens. We believe that taxes should be transparent. With the FairTax the amount of the FairTax will be printed on every receipt so everyone will know exactly how much the government is costing them and their family.

We are focused on the revenue collection side of the tax equation and do not focus on spending at this time.





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