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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

The flag I sometimes see at rallies is white outline letters on a blue background.  I think it would be more effective if it were simply our logo on a white background like our placards and coincidentally the color of the good guys' hats.

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I agree. I also think Fair Tax Nation should have our own flag.

Possibly this one, but with "Nation!" being white instead of blue.

I think we are saying pretty much the same thing.  I do not favor changing the logo, just the background.  Everyone remembers "new coke".  You don't mess with the basic brand.

That logo you are talking about is owned by AFFT. 

A number of years ago, there were a high number of icons for the FairTax.  It was too confusing.  It was suggested and recommended that there be a single icon that was suggested which now is the FairTax.org logo.  There have been various states that have made some slight modifications to it such as putting the prime logo on top of the state.  Even FTN uses the FairTax.org and adds Nation to it.  These changes are good to help identify the individual groups, as long as the main unifying imprint is there.

That logo has developed recognition all over.  I have a number of different shirts from different groups.  No matter which I am wearing, people understand I am supporting the FairTax. 

I feel it would be a backward step to develop a new flag or banner with an entirely different logo.  Even if AFFT were to approve it and have a new logo and FTN included it in their new flag, we would have to go through a reeducation process of the people just for the logo. 

Now if the flag Robert proposed had the current blue and red FairTax.org logo were on the United States with the white "Nation" in place of the blue, that could be used.

Walt, you will have to talk with Jim about that.


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