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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Please let me know if you would be willing to take specially-designed FairTax flyers to the Occupy Wall Street protest in Zuccotti Park in New York City. I think we made a good start last Saturday, but marketing people tell us that the aversage adult has to be exposed to a message several times before it registers.

Christine and I found it was surprisingly easy. The attention-grabber was the call to end tax breaks and tax loopholes to big corporations and businesses. The FairTax indeed does precisely that, and many protesters identified with that message - and readily took flyers.

The value of this flyer is to focus the protesters on a constructive goal, and to parry and blunt the messages of other special interests represented at the park. Many protesters have a generalized notion that something is wrong with our government, economy, and society, but their solution agendas are still undifferentiated. We have an opportunity to influence many of them if we act now.

I think, if we can organize brigades to go in once a weekend until Thanksgiving, we can make an impact. The metric will be the level of new sign-up activity on the FairTax.Org website.

Please e-mail me at james@jamesbennett.com if you would be willing to help. I then will e-mail further instructions. Please tell me what Saturday or Sunday you would prefer (or weekday for that matter), and when you would prefer to go. Let me have alternate dates and times if you can provide them.

Finally, please pass this message on to your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.

Best regards,


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I found the same at OWS-New Haven in CT.  I went there two weeks ago and used this same strategy.  Besides having the FairTax push cards I also attached a 'contact your congressman' slip of paper with a phone number and general website so they could look up their own congressman/senators.  They were then encouraged to contact their congressman/senators directly and ask for their sponsorship of their respective bills.




Excellent news!

Monique, if you are located in the Hartford area, have you been in touch with our District Director for CT-01, Dan Hunt? His e-mail is dhunt4@att.net. You may also want to contact our Connecticut State Director, Bill Malchiskey, malchw@effectivesoftware.com, if you have not already.


Thanks for your great work!


~Jim Bennett


I have spoken and communicated  with  Monique several times in person,  by phone and via facebook. She, myself and Bill manned The FairTax booth, along with other volunteers,  at the Norwalk oyster festival in September. She apprised me of her interaction with OWS-New Haven. Monique lives in CT-03.  FYI- my email address for FairTax related events/issues is fairtaxct1@att.net. I have notified AFFT and FTN but for some reason it has not been changed.



I'm in Stamford.  I'm not sure if your CT-AFFT districts are the same as the Congressionals.

I'm in CD-4.



They are the same. I stand corrected! I guess I'll have to memorize  a congressional map. Thanks!


Great guys!

You're ten steps ahead of me. That's as it should be!

Best regards,


Dan, Your state director should the ability on FTN to make changes to the state information on the site.


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