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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Lets start Raising some MONEY for FairTax Grassroots! (Updated with Pic)

For radio ads and booth set ups,

Please kick in a few few bucks with the "donate" button on FairTaxNation.

Should we set a goal deadline of April 15?

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How many banners will this buy?
This will buy a months worth of commercials, roughly one 60 second spot per day 6 days a week running 4 weeks.

Or about two or three booth set ups.

I set the amount for our first fundraiser at the cost of a months radio commercials from one of the talk show I've been in contact with lately.

We have to start somewhere!

I'm strapped as well but I feel like I should contribute if I ask others to do so. So I kicked in my 20.
I'm strapped for cash until the weekend....but then I'm in :) Don't forget to use the FairTaxNation Radio Ad Graphics ;)

I was really proud of that one :)
Is this a national show, or a local one?
There are a few different ones but the one I have in mind is syndicated.

If you know of a different/better one, by all means get a price from them and we can look at it...
i'm strapped to but I gave $20.
How did you like your banners, Dave?
They went to Barb and I haven't seen them yet. She was real impressed though.
Is there a picture of them? Are they different than the ones Danny used?
Joshua, The Banners are Fabulous, thank you so much! We will be using them at the Cincy Post Office and the Dayton Post Office on April 15th and they may even show up at the Tea Partys!
Jim, I will give up a few lunches and contribute. If we all did a little, it would go a long way!
Keep up the good work, Jim!


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