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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Listen as FairTax Nation's Jim Tomasik, special guest Thursday 5pm est. on The John Jessup Radio Show.

http://radio.jjessup.com Be sure to listen Thursday night at 5pm eastern, as FairTax Nation's own Jim Tomasik will be the special guest on The John Jessup Radio Show. Jim and John will be talking about FairTax Nation's role in the FairTax community and the what the rapid growth of FairTax Nation means to the FairTax movement as a whole.

You can listen live at http://radio.jjessup.com or you can call in and listen live at (347) 884-8068. Be sure to call in to just listen in or to join in with a question or comment.

John Jessup is the Director for the 5th Congressional District in Indiana for the FairTax and Hosts his own Live weekly Radio show every Thursday at 5pm eastern standard time.

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Oh WOW I almost forgot!
Vaya! FTN's own Jim Tomasik did a great job!

We've had 150yrs of treating our newely elected "jr's" like 2nd class citizens. And moving up 15April to 1Nov? Priceless!
Darn it, I missed it! Wonder if they archive shows on Jessup's site.

How'd it go, Jim?
Kinda forgot I was it was blog radio and we just started talking about all kinds of stuff. We got a little off track and started talkin about the merits of term limits as well.

I enjoyed it.
The show is archived if you go to www.radio.jjessup.com. Just push Play on the player on the right or you can download it by scrolling down to "on demand episodes".
I enjoyed talking to you Jim. Thanks for coming on the show. We did get a little side tracked at times, but it was good. Thanks


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