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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Lottery Winners will get their ENTIRE winnings under the FairTax!! What happened to this & other lottery winners is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

Twenty-three year old rancher from Pierre SD will only take home $88.5 million in a lump sum payment after taxes are deducted from the "$232.1M" WINNINGS.
That is absolutely WRONG...WRONG...WRONG... and the FairTax would make this FAIR! He would receive his ENTIRE winnings of $232.1Million under the FairTax legislation!

This is another point we need to start bringing home. HEY ALL YOU LOTTERY PLAYERS OUT THERE.....bet me that the lottery playing migh increase a tad, but if not at least the winners won't have their winnings syphoned off before their first payment!

This was an article in our paper today and thought it ought to be made known!! When we EDUCATE others as well as when we write letters to the editor!!!

If this wouldn't make you passionate for this legislation what would?

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You are right, many poor people play the lottery and go to casinos. But statistically, most poor people don't vote. So, planning a campaign strategy on this group is dumb. Also, most poor people qualify for the Earned Income Credit, so in reality they pay no income tax now. Why would they agree to the Fair Tax. Again, marketing your campaign on this group will not work.

Also, suggesting that you are going to AWAKEN The SLEEPING masses is elitist, arrogant, condescending and egotistical. Do you really go through life thinking that you are that much smarter than everybody else?

I would love to see the fair tax passed, but judging by what I see on this site, I think it has very little chance. The opposition are professionals and most of the Fair Tax leaders are novices with no understanding of political tactics
Awakening the masses to The Fair Tax has been occurring for years. Many are still not aware of The Fair Tax. Equating people's level of overall intelligence or lack thereof with making people aware of The Fair Tax is not only a misconception but suggests the very condescending tone you direct at someone who is merely expressing another view point and strategy to inform people about The Fair Tax . Slinging insults at those who are trying to advance the Fair Tax cause is counterproductive. This website is to exchange ideas and information, not to insult or make unfounded accusations. If you have so little confidence with this website and Fair Tax supporters then there is no reason for you to be here. Now who is being condescending?

Jamie has moved a mountain in her state. Maybe she does see an awakening.

You are welcome to share your point of view in support of FairTax but it is not permitted on this site to talk down to another individual in an open forum. We are all on the same side and condescending remarks like this will not be allowed:

"Also, suggesting that you are going to AWAKEN The SLEEPING masses is elitist, arrogant, condescending and egotistical. Do you really go through life thinking that you are that much smarter than everybody else?"

First and last warning.
I apologize for my remarks being too combative. The way I phrased my argument was inappropriate and wrong.

However, I stand by my point. To suggest that those who do not agree with your political views are the "masses" and that they are somehow less than fully conscious is an insult that will rarely win converts to your cause. To say that implies that you are on a higher plain of consciousness than ordinary people. Karl Marx used to talk that way.
Is Simon Girty the same as Strawman?

I was not saying that someone did not agree with my political view, I have a VERY dear friend who is very democrat and is a member here on FairTaxNation and as a senior citizen dealing with the death of her mother made her realize (woke her up) how the FairTax would be very beneficial to her.

It is NOT that people do not agree with my political views. The "Sleeping Masses" statement I made was because this is the first year that people are starting to actually stop and listen as well as take some action for this legislation. But this is also the first year our country is spending at speeds unkown to our country.

I AM an ordinary person...stay at home mom for 15+yrs. on "ONE" income. I have not done any in depth study of Karl Marx so have NO idea when I'm talking like him, but hey maybe it is being indoctrinated into us via our government school system which if I am not mistaken is taken right out of his communist manifesto, which I only just learned in '06, decades after graduating from highschool.
I'm right there with ya, Jamie! I couldn't agree more.

You're correct in that many folks are just simply unaware of the Fair Tax and/or how it works. That's where we come in! Of course, you'll have many folks that simply say, "it's great but it'll never happen" because they've lost faith in the citizen's ability to effect change. What I usually find with those folks is that they watch me and depend on me to provide current Fair Tax news. Next thing I know, they begin supporting my efforts and that glimmer of hope becomes apparent in their eyes. One of my doctors is just one example of this. I believe he'll be onboard eventually.

Way to go, Jamie! You do excellent work!
I enjoyed gambling and lottery game on occasion. Have not done much of either for many years. Would irk me at casino to pay so much in taxes. Over 50% is excessive in any language.

If you get a vibe these folks are envious of wealthy just talk to them about the pre-bate. Personally I have a hard time understanding how someone could not be mad this dude paid so much. So I just stick to PRE-BATE talk.
I'm not sure what states everyone is from but I'm from WA and there is A LOT of emphasis put on lotteries here in addition to there being many casino's. The FairTax is not about "voting" ... our voting isn't going to get this passed. Poor people talk and I'm pretty sure that they want a system that is fair. I'm also not saying this is a campaign strategy, but a POINT that should be made. Just like under the FairTax Bonuses will NOT be taxed which is just as WRONG.

ALL people pay the 22% embedded tax on the purchase of items at their Targets, Walmarts and the like due to the payroll taxes corporations are burdened with. "Sleeping Masses" is a figure of speech & sounds like you have concluded what I am even though it is FAR from it! I'm passionate about this legislation as I see how the current system is NEGATIVELY affecting not just myself but my husband, kids as well as people I do not know. I want Americans to be PROUD to work...go be PROUD to buy a big house... be PROUD to earn a decent living and get paid what they worked for.

Up until your post I have found EVERYONE on this site to be supportive, helpful, encouraging and sold out for this legislation. I also think that THANKS to this site this legislation has more momentum than ever before! Before one can change legislation one has to know that the legislation exists. I have been soliciting my solicitors for 2+yrs now about the FairTax and not ONE has ever heard of this piece of legislation. I finally made a break through with the local newspaper and the person I talked to had never heard of it.

Thanks everyone for your support...I know I won't be liked by everyone and more importantly I KNOW that I am NONE of what he has listed!!!

Jamie, you do a fantastic job! We're not here to win any popularity contest, we're here to help our nation's citizenry and economy. We know that the Fair Tax will do exactly that when enacted. So onward ho! Our time is near!


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