Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Mark your calendars for APRIL 15, 2010..."there's a storm brewing"!!! Operation FairTax!

FairTax supporters...this is our day! We are definately Taxed Enough Already and now we have a solution...campaigns in 2010...All congress members need to hear loud and clear STOP the spending!

The storm will come from every direction from every state on APRIL 15, 2010!!

#1 Location for the storm the Halls of congress "We the People"!!

#2 and equally as important are the phones, faxes and emails from ALL those not in DC! The word that needs to echo...echo....echo.... on APRIL 15 is

We could even commit to add ALL candidates to our email lists to be included in the storm!...
Stating "Voting American Citizen looking for a candidate that knows about, endorses and will cosponsor the FairTax Legislation, ."

Gooo FairTax in the forefront of 2010!!

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You go girl! i can't wait to meet you in person...as well as a bunch of others here!
Hey Brenda! Where ya been? It's good to see you.


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