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Since Michael Steele is now the head of the Republican party, I thought this might be relevant. This summer he spoke at the WV Republican convention (where the FairTax was added to the platform :)). On the way to the convention, I happened to catch a replay of Hannity and Michael was the guest. They were arguing with Kirstin to convince her that "corporations don't pay one penney in taxes".

After Michael's speech, I approached him and told him I had heard his Hannity tape on corporate taxes. He then went into a several minute diatribe on why it was true. At the end, I asked him: "Why do you support a flat income tax that continues that myth over the FairTax that ends corporate taxes altogether?" Caught off guard, he told me how wonderful the FairTax was. I then asked him why so many Republicans didn't seem to agree with him. His answer was that they just didn't understand it.

Now that he is the leader of the party, someone needs to ask him...or challenge Hannity (where he is often a guest) to ask him, what he is going to do about that lack of understanding.

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Well Bill.....Steele being an openly pro-FairTax guy is great.
I know the FT is bi-partisan but we also need to realistic in the fact that the major Democratic agenda so it seems has no interest in changing the tax code. (If I'm wrong please do correct me)

Whenever people see Steele the FairTax needs to be brought up.
Steele needs to know this is what the people want and are demanding it from him to push on the GOP.

So many people do not understand it....I had to explain to a guy today about embedded taxes.
In the end I got through....not sure if he took it onboard though but tomorrow is another day :)

All comes down to education education education.
People not only have to know about it, but 'know about it!!!'
Tony, Thanks for the response. I agree with the need to educate. I also agree Steele being an openly pro-Fairtax guy would be great. The problem is, I didn't personally get the impression Steele was being sincere. Google his position on tax reform and you'll find nothing except a statement we should continue Bushes tax cuts (made in 2006) and end the death tax. He refused to sign the no more taxes pledge and made a statement to the effect that we shouldn't box candidates in with those types of pledges so he's never openly given a position.

I asked the FairTax question one on one so it wasn't in front of a lot of people and he was sort of cornered into the answer since he had just given me several examples to explain why corporations don't pay taxes.

Hannity has supported the Fairtax openly in the past (though not as much as I'd like) and has Steele on his show regularly. Some public clarity on the issue would be good. He will either agree (lead on the issue like Huckabee) or give a non-committal response to the effect it is a good plan and there are several other options on the table they are discussing.

I'm hoping he is not playing the middle and is willing to help lead. I agree more people need to approach him to encourage him to take a stand.

Thanks again.
Chairman Steele is on the radio every Friday hosting the Bill Bennett "Morning in America" show. I think we should organize a call in campaign. :)

Frankly, I am sick of wishy-washy people posing as "leaders."


Aren't you? If not, you should be.

If you haven't looked lately at www.rebuildtheparty.com , "Enact the FairTax" is the #1 voted for idea on the site, yet it hasn't even been marked as "under review." I wonder why that is.

Every time a politician takes office, they claim they have "a mandate from the people" to do whatever they think the "mandate" is. I think we need to make our "mandate" look, feel, and sound more like "DEMAND" than anything else. Only when they all run the risk of being ousted will they wake up and realize they have to listen to WE THE PEOPLE.

Makes me want to run for Congress, just to stir the pot.
Who is M. Steele? A washed up Maryland politician. Putting a black face on the RNC will get no votes from minority groups. When I see him on TV he looks like he has the "deer in the headlights" syndrome. The Dems, along with their media suppporters, pulled his chain and he said derogatory things about Limbaugh. Please note I am not a Limbaugh fan. The Republicans need a true leader. They lost one recently when Jack Kemp passed away. I don't see any conservative leader on the horizon. So I am left with the Libertarian party, such that it is.
I think the big problem with FairTax is that this tax system does not look like anything politicians are used to--they're so used to the income tax, which has been around for 96 years in the USA.

It's also VERY scary for the politicians, too--FairTax is the likely largest re-distribution of the political power back to the citizens since possibly the writing of the Constitution itself. Taking away the power of the income tax to bully the populace is nothing short of a revolutionary idea, to say the least.
If there was any time to revolt....it is now.

I know its been said before (and is even posted on the home page here in the video) but people 'need to get mad!!!' and how they are not just livid right now is beyond me.
I think Washington has done it right with the tax code. They continue to punish more and more and more and people just take it every year after every year.
They never see the money before thye get taxed on their wages.....so there is nothing to get mad over for SO many.

People need to get mad, they need to stand up and scream that they aren't going to take it anymore.
Ah, but attainable, nonetheless. It is the number one attainable goal we have to begin to turn this our economy around. Our illustrious leaders are finally, at least, beginning to have some dialog about the Fair Tax. What good is it to them to destroy the country and have no tax base to speak of? There's no gain for them in that. They'll come around quicker than the lobbyists, and that's good.
Is it my imagination or is it only conservatives who are supporting the Fair Tax. I recall Neal Boortz stating that a very high ranking Democrat Congressman would support HR 25 once the Dems took control of Congress. I am still waiting.
The Republicans should get off the issue of tax cuts at this juncture. It is getting old. They need to embrace the Fair Tax as one major issue athat differentiates them from the Dems. We don't seem to have a national figure, Governor Huckabee excepted, to raise awareness of the benefits of the Fair tax. Where's Mr. Steele when we need him?
We should have a FLOOD of prominent supporters. Unfortunately, our organizing function SUCKS. It's not that people don't support it. It's that we can't seem to focus the power into a laser that can cut through all the crap in D.C.
Stay positive Peter! This site will be growing soon and so won't the amount of activity and the socus for the FairTax. There's lots of things going on to help grow this effort; the results just aren't fully visible yet.

Regarding leaders, as I mentioned in another post, most of them are followers waiting for a parade voters behind an issue they can jump in front of and claim they started it. It is up to us to furnish that parade.

Regarding Michael Steele, someone just needs to call in and tell him they heard him on Hannity discussing corporations not paying taxes...let him talk about it for a few minutes and ask the same question I did, but this time his response is on radio heard by lots of people. The next question then is "As the new head of the party, what are you going to do to educate all those other Republicans?" Keep the faith!
I'm VERY positive, Bill - and you are correct. We need to create the parade. That's why I am so excited about FairTax Nation coming along. It's about time that we - the grassroots - got together and organized ourselves, rather than waiting on people from the "top" to organize us. Though I will begrudgingly admit that I'd be happier if the .org people could somehow find a way to centrally fund and organize the grassroots.
National has agreed to allowing the states to form formal groups with the ability to raise money and use 100% of it within the state. They also have given the okay for us to form a "Federation" as a communication channel and resource for the states. They also are fully supportive of this social networking tools.

Some states have already formed, others are in the process; We have discussed the formation of the federation but not taken action yet as I don't think there is a consensus that it's needed; and of course the networking sites are growing. Personally I feel a Federation is important to provide a united direction, and provide consistent tools and to communicate a national strategy up and down the various levels of leaders and activists.


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