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We are all working on pushing our elected representatives to sponser and support the FAIRTAX and I am also writing my reps and hopefully this may work, at the same time we all know that if the people get behind this in overwhelming numbers the FAIRTAX will happen without a doubt. I was able to make it to the Columbia, SC rally and picked up some cards produced by NCFAIRTAX.org. they were 3" by 5" cards. They were pretty good explainations of the FAIRTAX but I am thinking they could be improved. If we could simplfy the explanation of the FAIRTAX down to fit practically all of it on these small cards but at the same time explain the major assets of the FAIRTAX and we could pass them out everywhere we go and we could talk to them if they have time or if they don't we could just hand it to them and say check this out when you have time. And by simplifying I mean put it in laymans terms and leave out big complicated words or initials like GDP or the like but put into terms that anyone can understand and I mean anyone. You see most people when they were in school could care less about those big vocabulary words they were trying to teach including myself and we do not understand them now and you hand us something with those big words in it now and were going throw them down somewhere. But you tell us how we can better provide for our families in terms we can understand and we are going to join your team. I have a rough draft of something I put together, it is 10 pages handwritten that educates anyone regardless of their education, on the way the FAIRTAX works, but we need something that explains fully in easy terms to at least explain most of it and peak interest on the rest.

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Maybe something like the following in a flyer.  "The FairTax" "A Permanent Economic Stimulus" that "Brings Jobs Back to the USA". and "Allows citizens to keep every dime they earn by abolishing Income Taxes" The FairTax gives us a way to "Fund Social Security Forever". The Poor Man will pay Zero taxes thru a "Prebate Check" given to "every U.S. citizen" to pay their taxes when they purchase "New Products". Which, also helps low income households as well as all working people. All Federal Taxes will be paid at the cash register when you buy "NEW" products and services only."Used items will not be taxed". The tax will be already included in the price on the shelf and your receipt will show how much was taxes. And the great thing is the prices will change very little from todays prices. The FairTax will be 23 cents out of every dollar, and the taxes already embedded in our products now are 22 cents out of every dollar, which most of it will go away before the FairTax is added back to the price. The major reasons there is very little change in the tax per dollar amount is we go from 159 million income tax payers to 350 million consumption tax payers. Also, the Social Security Medicare Tax(payroll tax), the poor man pays percentage wise much more than the millionaire. After the FairTax the rich will pay much more into Social Security than they do now. The reason all of the embedded taxes will not go away is the taxes that are taken out of your check now are part of the embedded taxes in todays products and you are going to keep these dollars after the Fairtax and take them home with you. There will be no more "Income Based Taxes" whatsoever like Inheritance taxes, Gift taxes, Capital Gains taxes, Income Taxes, and Payroll Taxes, all will be gone. April 15th will be just another beautifful spring day, because you will "NOT" be filing "Income Taxes" ever again. Win the lottery, keep it all. The criminal underground economy will get to pay their share of the taxes, just like the rest of us, every time they purchase anything new. Even the 50 million tourist who visit our country each year will be paying into our tax system. When products are to be exported to other countries the tax will not be added to it, making U.S. made products more competitive in the world market. 500 companies in Europe and Asia were asked what they would do if the U.S.A. adopted the "FairTax", 400 of them said they would build their next plant in the U.S.A. 100 of them said they would move their entire operation to the U.S.A. The FairTax was developed by "experts" over a period of years of research and study. A funny thing is our Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution set up taxes on "consumption only" and made Income Based Taxes "against the law". Thru deception the Congress in 1913 ammended the Constitution to give the government power to tax Income. Go to FairTax.org or buy  the FairTax book and find out for yourself and join us to demand our government to adopt the FairTax and abolish the 16th Ammendment. This needs to be put in format using bullets and underlining the major points, instead of one big paragraph. I just do not know how to do that on this format.
Maybe a one page flyer for this would be better: more space, less expensive, easy to reproduce by anyone at home or on the road.
Maybe start out with the understanding that our government must be funded for the obvious reasons, and the FairTax is a replacement of the oppressing income tax system, with a system designed by expert economists from our most prestigious universities thru years of research and study. And explain that the Constitution made income taxes illegal, only thru deception in 1913 did income taxes become legal
1. This allows American products to compete fairly in all markets.
2. It will bring transparency and accountability to tax policies.
3. Ensures Social Security and Medicare funding forever.
4. Closes all loopholes and brings fairness to taxation.
5. By being a consumption tax, it increases the number of payers to include all illegals and those who don't pay taxes on their cash only wages(but are consumers) and the illegals will not be entitled to the Prebate because it only given to legal US citizens.
In my honest opinion, the most "efficient" way to promote the FairTax and educate the people is through radio and television ads.

Having said that, these ads need to be done in the manner that you describe Dennis - simple and straight forward, without the use of big complicated words or acronyms and put into terms that anyone can understand. I think the FairTax videos get very close to that idea now.

Meanwhile, I think it is crucial that we lose the "...take home your entire paycheck" wording, this is much too easy for opponents to nit-pik ("... but what about deductions for life, health, dental and vision insurance?"), I think it would be better to simply say something like "...free of Federal Tax deductions" - most people understand that Idea.

Carol's reply is an excellent start, but doesn't quite cover all of the points you made. Give me some time and I'll try to come up with a more complete list - maybe even the flyer you suggest.
Yes I agree about the radio and TV ads. I am speaking more of an efficient way in our daily lives to educate the people we come in contact with, like the grocery store, the park, the ball games, etc. And oh yes the Tea Parties. A one page flyer would be simple for all persons to reproduce, it would give everyone involved the basic principles of the FairTax to educate the people they come in contact with. Those new people could reproduce the flyer and educate other people. You may have heard the story of the farrier (man who shoes horses) offering to shoe a horse for a penny on the first nail if you double the price on every nail. It takes 28 nails to shoe a horse, the last nail would cost over 21 million dollars. If the 5000 members on FairTax Nation educated one person per week and convinced those persons to do the same, in 16 weeks 300 million people would be educated on the FairTax. I know it will not happen that efficiently, but I think you get my point.
whoops! there is 32 nails that it takes to shoe a horse, but the 21 million dollars was right. Some math genius I am.
IMHO you are partially right, the most efficient way to spread the word would be calling local radio talk shows and engaging them in a discussion or debate on the FairTax. The only problem with that is that over half, probably closer to three quarters of the people you need to reach don't listen to talk radio.
Now if we could get some flyers, cards, pamphlets, whatever to put out in the information racks at rest areas, restaurants, hotels, motels, wherever, maybe we could reach a new audience. Someone needs to come up with something:

Eye Catching
Easy to Read and Comprehend

Maybe a front with bullet points like are listed in another post, and the back listing resources and links for more information, Websites (FairTax.org, FairTaxnation.com), books (The FairTax Book, etc)
Joe, Looks like someone has been thinking about this longer than I have. I know I mentioned cards at first but they are to hard to reproduce and have limited space, the tri-fold flyer is the ticket I think, easy to reproduce, more space for information. The resources and links must be a part of it, thats a great idea.
Thanks for your comments Joe.

Actually, I'm not thinking about having members call into their favorite talk shows, but rather real commercial advertisments.

Yes, it'll take a few bucks, and we'll need to do some market research, but overall a more efficient method of spreading the word of the FairTax
I agree with you about needing a post card, flyer, or something, with an attention capturing briefing on the FairTax. I have been thinking about this since the 1st of April, just can't seem to get my thoughts on paper, but your post here may have gotten me started.
The most important aspect that I can think of is to keep it simple and to the point. Here are some beginning bullet points, I hope others will jump in and add to this and maybe we can come up with something.

Maybe we could use the trifold template that they have at the bottom of the main page here.

I think front and center (or top) should be the NO IRS, or NO Income Tax Logo
The back should have FairTaxnation.com and/or FairTax.org Logos.

Fund our Government Operations with a 23% consumption tax on all new goods and services.
The FairTax is backed with $20+ million in research and studies
Tax spending and lifestyle, not hard work and productivity

Eliminate all personal Income Taxes
Eliminate Social Security and Medicare witholding
Eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax
Eliminate Estate Taxes (Death Taxes)
Eliminate Corporate Income Taxes
Eliminate all taxes on Savings and Investing
(Capital Gains, IRAs, 401Ks, etc)

Did you get a tax refund this year?
How about a tax refund every month?
Before you pay any taxes.

Please feel free to jump in and add, edit or critique. Let's work together and get an attention getting flyer together.

Thank you.
I like the simplicity of your idea. The only catch I see is in explaining that the 23% is not added to our existing prices. That's generally the first reaction I get from someone when explaining the consumption facet of the Fair Tax. I'm going to give it some more thought, but it looks excellent.


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