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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

We are all working on pushing our elected representatives to sponser and support the FAIRTAX and I am also writing my reps and hopefully this may work, at the same time we all know that if the people get behind this in overwhelming numbers the FAIRTAX will happen without a doubt. I was able to make it to the Columbia, SC rally and picked up some cards produced by NCFAIRTAX.org. they were 3" by 5" cards. They were pretty good explainations of the FAIRTAX but I am thinking they could be improved. If we could simplfy the explanation of the FAIRTAX down to fit practically all of it on these small cards but at the same time explain the major assets of the FAIRTAX and we could pass them out everywhere we go and we could talk to them if they have time or if they don't we could just hand it to them and say check this out when you have time. And by simplifying I mean put it in laymans terms and leave out big complicated words or initials like GDP or the like but put into terms that anyone can understand and I mean anyone. You see most people when they were in school could care less about those big vocabulary words they were trying to teach including myself and we do not understand them now and you hand us something with those big words in it now and were going throw them down somewhere. But you tell us how we can better provide for our families in terms we can understand and we are going to join your team. I have a rough draft of something I put together, it is 10 pages handwritten that educates anyone regardless of their education, on the way the FAIRTAX works, but we need something that explains fully in easy terms to at least explain most of it and peak interest on the rest.

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Thanks for the input, as I said, this needs to be a joint effort, and I hope someone will take all the suggestions here and put something together. This needs to be aimed at the 20 and 30 yr olds out there that have the most to gain by this. (or lose with the status quo)
The most important part of the FairTax to me is the simplicity of it. I know how much time and effort me and TurboTax spent this year just trying to make sure every penny was accounted for and there would be no problems. The fact that a misplaced decimal point, or a miscalculation could cost you a small fortune is very stressful.
Everyone gains from the FairTax and I mean everyone, you might even say the poor gains more than anyone, thru the prebate, but also when it gets to where you have to hide under your bed to keep from getting a job offer, a lot of folks who draw the maximum welfare which is I think 900 dollars a month, will go back to work, most of them do not work now cause the jobs available to them now are not worth the difference.
You got that right!
Frankly, when I hear the words Turbo Tax, exemption, deduction, tax credit, earned income credit, tax exempt, etc., my blood boils! The simplicity of the Fair Tax has spoiled me rotten. Absolutely no other form of tax reform holds a candle to it, and I try to research every one coming down the pike.

I look forward to what you come up with. You've just about nailed a short version for a postcard.
Nancy, Yea, you have to explain that most of the 22% embedded taxes come out before you add the 23% FairTax. I wish I knew how to make paragraphs and stuff on here.
I think perhaps a simple statement informing the folks that the imbedded tax/compliance costs already exist within every purchase they currently make is adequate. What say you?
I agree
A few more random thoughts

Real stimulus for the economy
According to many economists, an estimated "$10-13 TRILLION" dollars would be brought back to the USA from tax shelters and overseas accounts.
No tax on business capital, income, or investment

After writing this, I thought maybe that last item ought to be left out, as it would not affect the majority of the people we need to reach. That could be a talking point for down the road. What do you all think?
Ok, there's more

Most Americans agree that something needs to be done about the Tax Code
It costs the American people between $200-$500 billion just to comply with the
current tax code.
At somewhere in the neighborhood of 67,000 pages, even the IRS can't figure out the
current Income tax code.
"Most Americans agree that something needs to be done about the Tax Code"

...and think about this for the front page too
According to Alan Greenspan, not all of that money would return for good business reasons. However, he believes trillions will pour back into the U.S. within months. If only half of those "outsourced" dollars return, can you imagine the impact? Phenomenal.

I don't know about that last line. I'm inclined toward keeping it. Though it doesn't apply to me personally, remember that 80% of the revenue in this country comes from small business.
I agree Nancy. Joe, what I have in my long version are these words: Corporations or Businesses do not absorb the taxes they pay. They pass these taxes on to the people who buy their products. These taxes are part of the cost of production. It is imposssible to do otherwise. You cannot manufacture or produce at a cost of a dollar and sell the product for 90 cents. All that happens under todays system is the cost of manufacturing is inflated by the taxes embedded in the product. I think this part needs some work but I do think it is important to explain that business can not pay taxes without passing them down the line, it is absolutely impossible.
In other words:

Corporations don't pay taxes, they simply collect taxes from their customers and pass them on to the IRS.

Trying to keep it simple for the dumb masses. (don't say that too fast)


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