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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

We are all working on pushing our elected representatives to sponser and support the FAIRTAX and I am also writing my reps and hopefully this may work, at the same time we all know that if the people get behind this in overwhelming numbers the FAIRTAX will happen without a doubt. I was able to make it to the Columbia, SC rally and picked up some cards produced by NCFAIRTAX.org. they were 3" by 5" cards. They were pretty good explainations of the FAIRTAX but I am thinking they could be improved. If we could simplfy the explanation of the FAIRTAX down to fit practically all of it on these small cards but at the same time explain the major assets of the FAIRTAX and we could pass them out everywhere we go and we could talk to them if they have time or if they don't we could just hand it to them and say check this out when you have time. And by simplifying I mean put it in laymans terms and leave out big complicated words or initials like GDP or the like but put into terms that anyone can understand and I mean anyone. You see most people when they were in school could care less about those big vocabulary words they were trying to teach including myself and we do not understand them now and you hand us something with those big words in it now and were going throw them down somewhere. But you tell us how we can better provide for our families in terms we can understand and we are going to join your team. I have a rough draft of something I put together, it is 10 pages handwritten that educates anyone regardless of their education, on the way the FAIRTAX works, but we need something that explains fully in easy terms to at least explain most of it and peak interest on the rest.

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Nancy, it's not the 80% of revenue producers that we need to target, it's the 80% of tax payers that should be fed up with the current tax code.

My thinking on this is to give just enough to get people's attention. That's why I'm looking for bullet points that will make people think, "I need to check in to this", kinda like a movie trailer or the brief on the back of a book.

I was reviewing all of the comments/discussions before I posted any more of my own ideas and I noticed the last three lines of your post. I think these would be great on the "front page" - sure to get the attention of the person holding the flyer.
Most folks that aren't political junkies don't even know what a GDP, or a GNP, is so you're right on that score, Dennis. I agree, simple, eyecatching, brief, and concise is great.
Ok, this is what I have so far. I put it together in a word document, so if any one would like a copy so they can edit, and hopefully improve on it, let me know.

Most Americans agree that something needs to be done about the Tax Code

At somewhere in the neighborhood of 67,000 pages, even the IRS can't figure out the
current Income tax code

It costs the American people between $200-$500 billion just to comply with the
current tax code

The FairTax is backed with $20+ million in research and studies

Real stimulus for the economy

According to many economists, an estimated "$10-13 TRILLION" dollars would be brought back to the USA from tax shelters and overseas accounts.

No tax on business capital, income, or investment

Eliminate all personal Income Taxes
Eliminate Social Security and Medicare witholding
Eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax
Eliminate Estate Taxes (Death Taxes)
Eliminate Corporate Income Taxes
Eliminate all taxes on Savings and Investing
(Capital Gains, IRAs, 401Ks, etc)

Tax spending and lifestyle, not hard work and productivity

Did you get a tax refund this year?
How about a tax refund every month? Before you pay any taxes.

Fund our Government Operations with a 23% consumption tax on all new goods and services.
Eliminates embedded taxes in the price of all goods and services. Estimated to be 22% of the costs
I was thinking maybe something the size of a business card would be a good attention grabber. All a business card should do is give you a reference point about who to call or where to go to get additional information. A Fair Tax card could do the same. A business card is easier to carry and more apt to be kept than a brochure. You can also print them out on your computer pretty quick.

On one side, you can hit the bullet points, on the other you can point them to the Fair Tax website.

I find a lot of people start to glaze over when you start to explain it. Maybe its the explainer. The bullet points should be simply the who, what, when, where and how type of things. Keep the politics out of it.

The Fair Tax is simply a national sales tax on new goods and services, paid by the consumer.
It replaces all federal income and social security tax. You keep what you earn.
Each month you get a tax refund, making it a progressive tax.
{Add some more}

Flip side says the Fair Tax HB25/SB 296. Simple, transparent, fair. FairTax.org or something to that effect.

If you're trying to reach a broad range of people, stay with terms they understand. Embedded tax is a new term as is consumption tax. They understand a sales tax. Stay away from numbers. Many people have a hard time with them.

I wouldn't use terms like banning the IRS or stuff like drug dealers have to pay the tax. It has a political side to it that turns people off. You want to stimulate their interest. Keep all the terms positive. Its all in the marketing.
Try explaining the Fair Tax in TEN WORDS!

Thats a good line for the business card idea.
"Pay taxes when you spend, not when you earn."
I can do that in 6 words:

Ron, I like the business card idea as another tool in addition to a flyer or maybe more than one flyer with the FairTax spelled out in different ways. I do disagree about not using terms like abolish the IRS or drug dealers and such paying their fair share. I don't see those as being political. But absolutely you have to keep the politics out of the discussion, there is nothing political about the FairTax it is an "American Issue"
Dennis, I come up with mixed feelings about the abolish the IRS. The government is still going to have some sort of tax collectors and overseers, will it still be called the IRS, or will they, in the tradition of the present administration, call it by a new name?

The drug dealer issue I don't much care for either. If you're going to bring that up, do it with a generic "Income Tax evaders will now pay tax when they make purchases" or something to that effect.
The criminal underground economy is how I addressed it in my 1st reply. I think that works. IRS, yea there will be something, states will collect, fed will have something.


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