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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

We are all working on pushing our elected representatives to sponser and support the FAIRTAX and I am also writing my reps and hopefully this may work, at the same time we all know that if the people get behind this in overwhelming numbers the FAIRTAX will happen without a doubt. I was able to make it to the Columbia, SC rally and picked up some cards produced by NCFAIRTAX.org. they were 3" by 5" cards. They were pretty good explainations of the FAIRTAX but I am thinking they could be improved. If we could simplfy the explanation of the FAIRTAX down to fit practically all of it on these small cards but at the same time explain the major assets of the FAIRTAX and we could pass them out everywhere we go and we could talk to them if they have time or if they don't we could just hand it to them and say check this out when you have time. And by simplifying I mean put it in laymans terms and leave out big complicated words or initials like GDP or the like but put into terms that anyone can understand and I mean anyone. You see most people when they were in school could care less about those big vocabulary words they were trying to teach including myself and we do not understand them now and you hand us something with those big words in it now and were going throw them down somewhere. But you tell us how we can better provide for our families in terms we can understand and we are going to join your team. I have a rough draft of something I put together, it is 10 pages handwritten that educates anyone regardless of their education, on the way the FAIRTAX works, but we need something that explains fully in easy terms to at least explain most of it and peak interest on the rest.

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Here is something I put together with the help of a local printing shop. Open the pdf and tell me what you guys think.
I like the brochure, but I would like to make some suggestions.

I would like to see the bullet points on the front page. I think they would make a better 1st impression. A couple more bullet points,
Pay tax on spending, not earning,
No citizen pays taxes up to poverty level of spending.
Make April 15th just another spring day

When stating a dollar amount, please use the $, it looks much better.

Add the FairTax Nation web site, for a place to meet other FairTax supporters.

Check on the current bill numbers, I'm pretty sure the House bill is HR 25, but I'm not so sure about the Senate bill.
some good points Joe. i have another one almost ready, maybe i can get it on here thursday. I think I have Neals and Johns book on a tri-fold flyer, hope they don't sue me, ha. I think you will like it better, there is absolutely no politics just the FairTax.
One other thing I noticed when I printed it out. The columns need to be resized, or the margins changed, so that it folds up like it should.
Getting repeal of the 16th amendment as an initiative on the next ballot would enable "educating" EVERY Washington State voter (through voters guide) about the Fair Tax as replacement for the income tax.
This also sends the message to elected officials we WILL BYPASS THEM if necessary. Once Jamie, Paul and I have the forms complete, will you help get signatures for this? Let's (WA) lead the nation, inspiring revolts against the IRS THROUGH INITIATIVES IN 38 STATES, sufficient to repeal that income tax Amendment that makes unpaid accounting slaves of us all.
Politicians LIKE special interest lobbyist bribes to rig the tax code. Do YOU trust them to enact the Fair Tax?
Thanks folks.
Let's DO SOMETHING EFFECTIVE, not just complain.
Best regards,
Dennis is the somewhere I can go to read your 10 pages. Thanks, Rick
Here is my new tri-fold and also the same in a word document that I intend to send to newspapers as a letter to the editor. What say you FairTax Nation?
I made a change to the word document. Here it is.
Seems it got pushed off the front page before anyone could read it. Attachment is a tri-fold flyer. What do you guys think, can we use this to help educate the public?


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