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New Book Exposes Tax Myth and Makes a Strong Case For The FairTax

Just in time for Tax Day and the still upcoming Tax Freedom Day, a new book has been released that makes not only a compelling case for the FairTax, but an urgent case.

"The Rich Don't Pay Tax! ...Or Do They?" uses actual IRS Collections Data to determine just who pays tax and exactly how much of the tax load they pay and then paints a clear picture of how this disparity is leading to a future that will hurt both rich and poor. Of course, the book also presents a solution.

In Part 1, the book examines that statistical data from the IRS, to remove the media spin surrounding the Administration's "Soak the Rich"campaign and exposes where the real disparity in taxation lies. It even exposes the truth about the Buffett spin, by examining IRS data detailing tax collections from the top-earning 400 taxpayers. There is no escape from these facts and "The Rich Don't Pay Tax! ...Or Do They?" hammers this fact home.

In Part 2, the book goes on to reveal how an unintended consequence of this disparity has created a silent, but very serious threat to our economy and how that threat grows more acute by the day. In an easy to understand, step-by-step manner, the case is laid out to show how all US taxpayers, rich or poor, will be severely impacted by this silent, creeping threat, if these issues are not addressed soon.

Finally, in Part 3, a set of goals is presented for defining a successful solution to these problems, followed by a simple and fair solution that meets all of those goals. The solution... The FairTax.

Published by Allegiance Books, "The Rich Don't Pay Tax! ...Or Do They?" is currently available in print and Kindle formats and is awaiting release in Nook format, within hours or maybe days.

Although the silent nature of the very serious issues exposed in "The Rich Don't Pay Tax! ...Or Do They?" keeps them largely out of the public eye, the real threat is in who is aware of these issues and what they are doing about it.

This book is about what you can and should do about it.

For more information about "The Rich Don't Pay Tax! ...Or Do They?" go to:


BTW, be sure to Like "The Rich Don't Pay Tax! ...Or Do They" on Facebook. This is information that needs to get out there. It's very compelling and has already converted more than a few Flat Income Tax and 9-9-9 supporters to FairTax supporters.


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