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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

For those at the FairTax Nation Conference Friday April 16th, you'd recall David Tuerck talking to us about his new study on the FairTax.


I thought his PowerPoint presentation was really good and helped put the numbers to the current politial climate.


For anyone who wants a copy of this presentation it's now linked up at:



Research & Education > FairTax Resources/Studies


FairTax Facts & Fallacies - Doing The Math Once More





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Went to the OK site and found the pdf, but when I tried to download it, my computer ended up in an endless cycle of doing nothing. I had to use task master to even make it stop. Don't know if that issue was with my computer or not, just providing the feedback of what occurred. Suggestions?

I'm able to navigate there and download without a problem, I'm the webmaster of the site so I appreciate the feedback.

Is anyone else having trouble?

You can also nab the file from the above post if you can't get it through the site.
Is this the Tony I met in DC? So, you think it might be that my computer just messed up?

If that Tony had a dodgy accent, then yes that was me :)

I'm wondering if it could be that computer.
The website doesn't use anything too fancy, just simple point and click....so if someone else can test and give results I'd appreciate it.
I wouldn't call it 'dodgy', LOL. I would call it more in-line with our earliest American accents. :)

My husband just told me to try it again, as he agrees with you, that it's likely my computer.

I also do computer repairs in my spare time so if you need some help drop me a message...no charge ;)

It was a pleasure meeting you as well as everyone else in D.C......here's hoping April 2011 will be a victory celebration :)
Yes. That was the problem--what the poster beloew said-- when I retried. I have a version of powerpoint that is 'too old', I guess. Thanks for the offer Tony. I will keep that in mind. I am what is known as 'technologically challenged'.

Yes. It was wonderful to meet so many supporters of the FT. And YES...victory in 2011!

Hi Tony!

Here is my experience...

Finding the presentation was not what I would call "intuitive", I had to refer back here to find the exact location where it resided on your site, but thanks for posting it none the less.

I notice that the file extension is ".pptx" as opposed to just ".ppt". I think the "x" at the end of the extension indicates a version of Microsoft Office later than MO 2003 (2007 I believe). I've run into a similar situation with Word documents (".docx" instead of just ".doc"). I think this might explain the problem (I could not get it to work either). Perhaps you could convert the file to the 2003 format?

Well Sean...you got me ;)

I thought I did convert it, but no it just saved it to the same 2007 presentation it was originally.

It's now hosted as a 2003 presentation :)
Changes made to the original post

Thank you!!!
does this mean I should retry again now?

Yes ma'am.
got it! Woohooo! Thanks guys! I missed this presentation at the Conference.



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