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I recently discovered a FairTax ally, Howard Richman. He posts articles on a financial website, Seeking Alpha. This morning he posted this article: The Economy's Next Move: 'Sugar High' Followed by Dollar Crash. His solution for the economy is the FairTax or a VAT.

In searching a little deeper, he is associated with a website called Ideal Taxes Association. I don't know much about the organization, but it looks like they are big FairTax supporters and have a lot of data to back up what they say. There are a number of articles rebutting anti-FairTax from various opponents (Club for Growth, George Will, etc.).

This may be old news to some of you, but I had not heard of this group before. They are worth reviewing.

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The Fair Tax and VAT are definitely not the same and if they are using them in the same sentence someone should contact them are set them straight.

I did a little more research. They support a number of tax reforms and clearly understand the difference between a VAT and the FairTax. They support the FairTax, specifically, but also say if the FairTax can't pass, a 23% VAT plus elilmination of the income tax would be better the current system.

The thing I noticed on one of his blogs is that he had ready answers for the drivel from the "Truth4" character, who keeps posting incorrect information opposing the FairTax.


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