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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

America wants change. The Republicans steal the Fairtax language and pass off another round of the failed IRS system, and we allow that? It's time for real change, a person I know said that everyone in DC has been bought off. They can't buy the vote of the American people, it's time to vote those who will not listen too reason out. Like you don't want to listen to reason about a Fairtax, your fired! They do understand that language! Come on folks, lobbyists are stealing our nation, and we need to end their game, we need a Fairtax. The money comes from us, the vote comes from us, our nation is ours for the taking, but we need to be resolute, we need a Fairtax. Hope this goes viral. DOBY!

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Thanks Donald, but here in lies the problem. We can say that if someone is running against our bought out politician from whichever party, but if is is a Dem against a Republican both bought out I have no leverage.

Pressure on Donald Trump would help because he is a HUGE sounding board/soap box! Look what he did with the NFL....if ONLY....IF ONLY he would speak and tweet as loudly about the FairTax as he does about kneeling during our national anthem.

GOOooooo Fair Tax!


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