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I hesitate to post this one day before the Tea Parties, but "Organizing for America," an official Obama or DNC campaign group, is conducting a "Listening Tour," in Texas (and possibly other states) to gather ideas. There are 11 meetings planned in Texas from April 16-25. For detail, go to:


It's interesting that I received the announcement email today and already all but the Waco location are filled up (capacities for the venues range between 35 and 100). There still might be a way to attend by just showing up. This would be a good opportunity to see how receptive the Obama reps are to the FairTax. Obama does not support it at this time, but there may be people attending that the FairTax could be introduced to.

It would be very interesting to see what reaction there might be to the FairTax at one or more of these meetings.

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My guess is that Obama's people have handpicked those that will be in attendance, similar to his townhall campaign photo ops.
Please let us know when this is approved. I'll be interested in checking this out.
I don't see how individuals who belong to FairTax Nation would be violating anything relating to AFFT's tax status by joining.

I would urge everyone who is both a FairTax supporter and an Obama supporter to join the Organizing for America FairTax group and FairTax Nation. We need more bipartisan support.
Matt, keep up in the loop on how this turns out. (my "reply to this" button is not working so this is to Matt)
Still wanting to play with the code. The toy is wore out. It need trashed. ARE THEY DEAF?


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