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Oklahoma bill#1003 to declare sovereignty passed out of committee unanimously!

Now that bill goes to the floor in OK.

A local radio show here in NC is talking about this. AZ and NH have similar bill, as well as 7 other states! This is exciting news! These bills call for dissolving our current federal govt and re-ratifying the original constitution. Where is the news coverage on this??? This doesn't happen!

Any one have any news on this in their state?

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Please keep us up to date on this.

You can consider yourself FairTaxNation's Investigative Political Reporter... ;o)

It was reported on the Glenn Beck show 20 other states are considering the same type of bill.
How many states does it take do you think for true action to be taken by the Fed?

I'm still learning the whole sovereignty deal here....I'm interested in this as I live in Oklahoma
A constitutional convention would be 3/4 of the states -38 states. If 38 states said they no longer wanted to be part of this union, the federal govt, if it follows the constitution has to dissolve. Our federal govt tends to ignore the constitution, so marshal law may be their chosen response. This is all revolutionary talk.


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